Haute Exclusive: Escape to Italy for a Gastronomic Adventure this Fall

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You’ve been to Rome, Florence, and Venice, but have you visited the beautiful countryside of Tuscany? Or tasted the gastronomic splendors of Piedmont?

Escape to Italy this autumn for a true gastronomic adventure with Viaggi Senza Fretta (Travel Without Haste), Tuscany’s premier boutique tour company.Created by Lucia Norrito, an Italian native, with a international rapport, creates custom gastronomic tours of Italy, which take travelers off of the grid and into the true soul of the country. Lucia specifically focuses on the regions of Tuscany and Piedmont, which hold the best culinary traditions of the country.

The tours focus on the subject of the local gastronomy and includes cooking classes, visits to small producers of cheese, wine, oil, ad honey, city sightseeing and spa activities. An importance is placed on the study of quality ingredients, meeting small producers and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Lucia feels that all small producers have a higher chance of survival if more people are aware of where their food comes from and how it’s made.

Most tours last between 10 and 14 days, but can vary according to personal preferences. Two tours have already been schedule for the fall season:

  • 10-Day Italian Countryside Tour – Truffles, Olive Oil, Chestnuts – Oct. 17-27
  • 14-Day Italian Countryside Tour – Cheese, Bread, Wine – Sept. 4-18

For more information on itineraries, pricing, and bookings, please contact Lucia Norrito of Viaggi Senza Fretta: [email protected] or visit the website: www.viagisenzafretta.com.

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