Oh-La-La: The Top 5 Lingerie Stores in Boston

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It is amazing how the right kind of lingerie can really enhance one’s own natural beauty. A little lace here and a bias cut there can go a long way for a night (or weekend) of romance.  And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, getting that special little something to don or gift is particularly important.  But if you require something a little more special than your typical department store (and your really do, don’t you?) the lingerie boutique is a must.  And so, Haute Living presents you with the top 5 store lingerie stores in Boston to help you get a jump on your lingerie shopping endeavor.

1 French Dressing

Haven't you always wanted to belong to a Thong of the Month Club?  Now here is your chance. French Dressing, purveyors of all things lacy, sexy and French, offer the Thong of the Month Club for a fresh look on that barely there down there accessory. A 6 to 12 month supply of thongs make it easy to leave a pair or two behind from time to time as a momentum of an eventful evening.

French Dressing is located at 49 River St., Beacon Hill, Boston 617.723.4968

2 Agent Provocateur

As the name implies, this is not the spot to pick up a package of granny panties.  If you don't aim to have some scandalously good fun while donning these eye popping garments, you simply should not shop here. An adventurous spirit coincides with their luxurious oh-my styles that are sure to make even your sexiest pair of panties just pale in comparison.  Never before did you imagine wanting a wardrobe full of one shop's lingerie line. Now, you certainly may.

Agent Provocateur is located at 123 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.267.0229

3 La Perla

It's almost a shame to cover up the near artwork beauty of La Perla fashions with clothing.  That's why it's important to have a deserving audience when the night at the gala is over and its time to unveil the La Perla look you have kept a haute secret all night. Their new Gaultier Collection is sure to inspire romance this Valentine's Day or, even better, any day of the year. Because sexy never goes out of style.

La Perla is located at 250 Boylston St., Back Bay, Boston 617.423.5709

4 Intimacy

If the bra fits, chances are you visited the brassiere experts at Intimacy.  Ill fitting bras are an epidemic among women and considering the daily need for their support and care, it is a bit surprising (not to mention the attention they garner from the opposite sex).  To make sure your dynamic duo always look their best, get the right fit from Intimacy's Bra Fit specialists without sacrificing one iota of style or fashion.

Intimacy is located at 100 Huntington Ave., Copley Place, Boston 857.277.7887

5 Forty Winks

You are sure to look so irresistible in these Forty Wink lingerie styles, you may not get much rest at all. But, then again, isn't that the point? Ready for a a good bedroom romp, Forty Winks offers a fabulous range of styles from classic sexy chemise to edgy fishnet bodysuits ready to fulfill whatever desires may be enticing you from day to day (or night to night).

Forty Winks is located at 56 JFK St., Harvard Square, Cambridge 617.492.9100

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