Lucky 7s: The Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Boston

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So often Chinese food in America is reduced to a late night pu-pu platter take out after a night of over-indulgence. Travel to China and you begin to realize the rich and varied culinary history of the country and perhaps long for a more authentic representation back in the states. While fresh, hi-end Chinese is often hard to come by in Boston, Asian infused cuisine or inspired dishes abound. So whether you celebrate this Chinese New Year with a trip to Chinatown or break out  the wok for a homemade stir fry of your own, have these top 5 Chinese restaurants in Boston in your back pocket when you are ready to try a refreshing American take on Chinese.

1 Myers + Chang

For taste combinations not to be found anywhere else, Myers + Chang is full of happy surprises. The casual yet chic environment offers interpretations of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine resulting in dishes such as roasted shiitake omelette, wok roasted mussels and triple pork mushu stir fry. Reservations are a good idea. Despite having half the restaurant sert aside for walk-ins, tables go fast in this South End hot spot.

Myers + Chang is located at 1145 Washington St., South End, Boston 617.542.5200

2 Blue Ginger

Ming Tsai's east meets west cuisine is well worth the trip out to Wellesley to enjoy.  Interesting cross culture dishes offer the best of both worlds with enticing flavors, intense aromas and remarkably tasty dishes. In fact everything melds together so seemingly effortlessly, it almost makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.

Blue Ginger is located at 583 Washington St., Wellesley 781.283.5790

3 China Pearl

No listing of Chinese restaurants in Boston could be complete without a visit to Chinatown.  And China Pearl, particularly if you attend a special occasion banquet here, delivers a vast variety of Chinese specialties that will make you think your  are in Beijing once again. Indulge in such delicacies as shark fin soup, steamed whole grouper fish, braised abalone or roasted suckling pig.

China Pearl is located at 9 Tyler St., Chinatown, Boston 617.773.9838

4 Hei La Moon

Dumplings are the most tempting reason to head to Hei La Moon, but your sure to uncover new favorites every time you come with just a little bit of an adventurous spirit to guide you.  Bamboo baskets filled with change purse sized morsels of immensely flavorful filling will continue to delight you throughout your dining experience. And with a variety of preparation styles, you can choose to be as healthy or indulgent as your choose.

Hei La Moon is located at 88 Beach St., Chinatwon, Boston 617.338.8813

5 P.F. Chang's

While you will rarely find a chain restaurant on a Haute 5 Boston listing, P.F. Chang's is a delightful exception. The lettuce wrap appetizers are reason enough to include them here, though their shot glass desserts that provide a nice sweet touch to end your meal without adding too many calories to your diet is another happy addition to your dining experience.  And the meal options in between are full of variety.  While it may not be fully authentic in its offerings, the quality is well above the average Chinese food dive and an upscale addition when life finds you shopping at the mall and lost in a stale food court environment.

P.F. Chang's is located at 8 Park Plaza, Theater District, Boston 617.573.0821

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