Culinary Treat: The Top 5 Gastropubs in Moscow

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Gastropubs originated in England (of course) in the Nineties. These days, gastropubs can be found are everywhere. They are remarkable for top-quality food, premium beverages and laid-back atmosphere. These are the most exemplary gastropubs in Moscow. Take your pick.

1 Durdin Restaurant

Durdin is the first gastopub opened in Moscow. It is designed in the industrial style of Russia in the beginning of 20th century. The restaurant is named after a founder of a famous brewery that functioned over a century ago. Unsurprisingly it serves own-brewed beer of excellent quality.

2 Kolbasoff, Chain of Pubs

Kolbasoff boasts good selection of top-quality draught beers and great food. It serves profound dishes such as beef stroganoff, pork in mushroom sauce and sausages. Kolbasoff brews four types of its own beer. The interior is modern and smart.

3 Shtolnya

Beer restaurants Shtolnya strikes with its unusual interior (gloomy cellar with massive wooden columns and brick walls). It is notable for serving very rare beers for Russia, like Timmermans Kriek and Schlenkerla Rauchbier. Exceptionally good food, always top notch.

+7 495 9534268,

4 Dymov No. 1

Dymov No. 1 is a dynamic gastropub in the family-dining segment that successfully marries a homey atmosphere with a large selection of gastronomic delights, excellent beer selection, superb service, and an irreproachable style. The restaurant is located at the center of activity of Moscow’s percolating business world and has become a favorite place for business lunches and dinners. The congenial setting is perfect for holding informal negotiations. Dymov No.1’s interior is minimalist, built around a combination of natural materials and glass, with a restrained and dignified color scheme and a design thought out to the very last detail.

Sophiyskaya Embankment, 34, +7 495 951 75 71

5 Beer Market Restaurant

Beer market is a stylish beer restaurant. The menu features 70 beers on drought. And many of them are really exclusive. In addition they offer global-inspired dishes. Dining rooms are relaxed and airy, ideal for long lunches.

+7 495 6850784,

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