Art on Display: Top 5 Art Galleries in Atlanta

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A great place to go when you want to break up the monotony of a first date, perfect for a Saturday afternoon excursion and definitely a must when you’re in the mood for high-brow culture that is visually stimulating. Yes, art galleries are many things and all of those things are fabulous. Some may think that visiting an art gallery is too stuffy and uptight to fully enjoy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking time to appreciate the pure beauty of art is probably one of the easiest and most honest ways to spend free time. The first step to appreciating art is to view it and then decide for yourself. But, enough about the glorious world of art appreciation, let’s get down to the task at hand. Atlanta is quite the artistic city and we have some amazing art galleries here that are sure to indulge enthusiasts and make the casual novice a die-hard fan. Here are the best art galleries in Atlanta. Enjoy!

1 High Museum of Art

The most famous and most popular art museum in Atlanta is not only home to some of the most world-renowned artists and their works, but it also boasts an amazing exterior and interior designs aesthetic, making it one of the city’s most recognizable and admired landmarks. The High Museum of Art also has great activities including “Friday Night Jazz”, “Films at the High” and family events like “Toddler Thursday” and “Second Sunday Funday.” There is always something to do here and you are guaranteed to be educated and entertained. If art is your thing, there is absolutely no better place in Atlanta to get your fix.

1280 Peachtree St. NE

Atlanta, Ga


High Museum of Art

2 Mason Murer Fine Art

This artistic paradise located in the chic Buckhead neighborhood is one of Atlanta’s crown jewels in the art scene. Mason Murer Fine Art is an ideal space for those that like to view their art in an intimate space where the collections and exhibitions take center stage. There is a very defined and clean design element to this fabulous gallery that has everything you want in a gallery and a few things you wouldn’t expect. For a break in your routine weekend plans, be sure to stop in and partake in a visual feast.

199 Armour Dr. NE

Atlanta, Ga


Mason Murer Fine Art

3 Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

Known as much for showcasing some of the best art in Atlanta as it is for hosting some of the most fabulous A-list galas, MOCA is sophisticated and oh so chic. There always seems to be new exhibits and collections or a VIP event going on at this artistic haven. One of the things that I love most is the education and resource center for those of us who want to learn all we can about art, its history and origins. Any time I can have a learning experience while enjoying myself is a great time. Do yourself a favor and go now…right now!

75 Bennett St.

Atlanta, Ga


Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

4 Jackson Fine Art

Upon first look from the outside you would swear that Jackson Fine Art is a beautiful and well-kept house, however once you step inside you are in for a visual treat of amazing art that inspires, tantalizes, entertains and educates. Given that it is not the traditional set up for an art gallery is part of the charm of this artistic space; you are allowed to fully become one with the art pieces minus massive amounts of space and people. If a smaller venue and crowd is your speed, this is a fitting place to indulge in art and mingle with the city’s finest.

3115 East Shadowlawn Ave.

Atlanta, Ga


Jackson Fine Art

5 Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

The art displays and installations at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center are one of a kind and absolutely mind-blowing. They are fearless in their approach to showcasing sometimes controversial works that are nonetheless beautiful and all-encompassing. Dinner, movies, nightclubs, shopping, all can become quite repetitive after a while, so why not spice up your recreational routine and visit one of Atlanta’s best artistic achievements.

535 Means St. NW

Atlanta, Ga


Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

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