Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Play in the Snow in San Diego

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Ok, so the title isn’t the most applicable statement, considering there’s definitely no snow here, but that’s why this place is so amazing! A lot of people think of San Diego as a place to flock during the sunny summer months, but it’s actually a fantastic place to be when the weather is cooler. You don’t have to shovel snow, the sun is shining, and at least half the population is still wearing flip-flops downtown. There are plenty of awesome winter activities in San Diego, so let’s take a look at the Top 5!

1 Winter Surfing- Blacks Beach

The southern end of the two-mile sandy strip of Blacks Beach is legendary surfing conditions. According to Coastal Living, it's rated the number one spot in the country for winter surfing, above Kauai and Puerto Rico's best beaches for winter surf. The water might be freezing, but with the right wetsuit and mentality, riding the colder waves can prove to be the best thing you've done all winter.

2 PGA Tour- Torrey Pines

While other cities are buried in snow and wishing spring would come, we're hosting the PGA Tour under our sunny skies in an event hosting some of the world's best golfers.  From January 27-30, you can come out to the Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla and watch the best of the best swing their clubs.

3 Restaurant Week 1/16-1/21

January hosts one of the city's finest events, San Diego's Restaurant Week. With ove 160 restaurants participating, and the chance to sample the delicious talents of the city's most delectable dishes and creations all week long at special, three-course meal settings, Restaurant Week is a highlight of this cold month. Head out to any of the participating spots, with a reservation recommended, and try out what they're serving. We guarantee this to be a delicious week for you!

4 Catalina Island

There is nothing, not one thing, better to do on a winter's day in San Diego, than to head out to Catalina and spend the weekend in stylish vacation mode. The temperature is in the seventies all month, and the list of things to do are endless. You can zip line, you can yacht, you can lie on the beach, you can sample some of the best food in the entire west coast, the options are endless. Some people travel from all over the world to visit Catalina Island, whereas we can just hop the express train and be there in an hour.

5 San Diego Sunroad Boat Show

For twenty-one years the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show has been a favorite winter event of our great city. With on-land and in-water exhibits, and all kinds of boats in every shape and size you can imagine, it's one of the most fun things to do this month. Enjoy the free boat rides, the crowds of people, and the latest and greatest in boating abilities! Hosted at the Sunroad Marina, this is an event to beat all cold weather blues!

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