Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Play in the Snow in Moscow

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The Russian winter is known for being extremely freezing. Bitter cold and heavy snowfalls are regular things here. But there is always a way to warm up: skiing, skating, snowboarding — loads of ways to play. Besides winter sports are Moscow’s most popular recreational activities. Here is Haute Living guide to the best fun activities in the snow in Moscow.

1 Skiing

Feel free to ski in Moscow and experience what "winter wonderland" is all about!

Vorobyevy Gori is one of the better known Moscow ski resorts and the only one actually in the capital. It has a seated ski lift and the skiing equipment available for renting.


Lata-trek is a large sport complex that offers three slopes It has ski lifts, gear rental and a children’s slope.


+7 495 5055831

Kurkino ski slope is more suitable for beginners. It is located in a natural reservation and offers clean air as well as exercise.

Vorobyevy Gory

+7 495 93-0037

2 Ice Skating

The traditional Russian winter pastime is an outdoor ice skating. The ice skating rink on Red Square in front of the GUM department store is one of the most well-known ice skating rinks in Moscow, especially for tourists. A big place for skating lighted in evenings.

Other famous ice skating places include rinks in Sokolniki, in Gorky Park, in Luzhniki and a legendary one at Patriarshy Ponds.

Rink at Red Square

3 Sledding

Sledding is all Russian children’s favorite sport activity. You may also want to awake childhood memories and buy plastic sheet or sled from any sports-equipment store and head for the hills. The best hills are in Kolomenskoye Park or in Gorky Park.

Kolomenskoye Park,

Gorky Park, Krimsky val, 9

4 Snowboarding

Another popular winter activity that you can enjoy is snowboarding. Volen is the most comfortable ski and snowboard park in Moscow region. It is called Moscow Switzerland because of the hilly landscape. Volen has two main ski areas: the Volen park itself and Stepanovo. If you want to spend more than one day here accommodation is offered in a number of guest houses.


5 Snowkiting

There is snowkiting for experienced sportsmen in Moscow. Snowkiting is an outdoor winter sport where people use kite power to glide on snow or ice, it is similar to kitesurfing. It’s a young sport, yet it has united lots of fans and followers in Moscow.

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