The Top 5 Places For Sushi and Sake in Moscow

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It might be a robust tradition for some in Russia to finish dinner with vodka shots, but the newest Moscovites obsession with Japanese cuisine makes them swap their favorite beverage for sake while having sushi. Sake is relatively as strong as vodka, it does much to improve flavor and reduces the smell of raw ingredients. The best Japanese restaurants in Moscow offer refreshing sake, Japanese beer and wholesome tasty food. Inside these recommended restaurants you will find tasteful yet stylish decor, polite service and eclectic menus. So here are few top Japanese restaurants in Moscow to sip sake.

1 Megu Restaurant

The enchanting taste of Megu, a trendy Japanese restaurant from New York, can now be enjoyed in Moscow. Megu is a harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients found around the world and a blend of traditional and modern Japanese delicacies. The sushi chef deftly prepares artfully presented sushi and sashimi.It is located on the lower level of Lotte Hotel Moscow. This luxurious six-star hotel stands in the heart of Moscow’s financial and shopping districts.

Lotte Hotel, Novinskiy Boulevard, 8 bld.2, +7 495 745 1000.

2 Seiji Restaurant

Seiji opened in Moscow in 2004 and only a year later it was officially recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world by Michelin Guide expert Giulio Fredy. Seiji is one of the front-running Japanese restaurants in terms of quality. All the dishes are kept as close as possible to genuine Japanese. The menu runs the gamut from sake to delicious miso soup and everything in between. Likewise the restaurant is decorated in traditional Japanese style. Spectacular interiors and award-winning cuisine make it a wise choice.

Komsomolsky Prospekt 5/2, +7 495 246 7624

3 Indabar Restaurant

The restaurant is specializing in pan-Asian cuisine, the chef is creating a special menu around the drinks. So if you are having sake, you will be offered something that will be good with it. Indulge in some authentic Japanese or perhaps a cocktail wine with your cuisine here. Indabar style approaches to drinking and dining.

Noviy Arbat street, 24, +7 495 642 72 49

4 Nobu Restaurant

This place hardly needs introduction. The Moscow branch of the exclusive Japanese restaurant chain, is good not only for the sake of sake. From spring rolls to sushi and sashimi with a full range of Japanese specialties in between, the offerings at Nobu are always top notch. It only opened in Moscow two years ago, but the restaurant has already become a must.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, 20, +7 495 645 3191,

5 Yoko Restaurant

The restaurant contains a simple interior with wooden tables. Yoko has a simple yet cozy and welcoming ambiance. Altogether it makes it a harmonious whole with views of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It offers excellent, high quality sushi and a range of impressive drinks including green tea, Japanese beer and sake.

Soymonovsky proezd, 5, +7 495 637 13 70

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