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It’s V-Day once again, and that heart-shaped box filled with bland chocolate baubles of yesteryear is beginning to haunt your dreams again. The solution is simple, and especially easy here in Dallas, with so many master chocolatiers to entice our taste buds. For a little adventure this year, head to one of these great places for a sweet gift idea she – or he -won’t forget.

1 Dude, Sweet Chocolate

I remember my first visit to this little Oak Cliff gem. I tried this ball of dark chocolate, made with hemp butter and blue cheese. Sound strange? It was delicious, and incredibly addicting, as are most of the savory and sweet chocolate creations at Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Try the Bombay, with yellow curry, pineapple and Santana. Want something a little sweeter? Opt for the CB & J with blackberry jam and cashew butter. It's a perfect mix-up of great tastes that will knock the socks off your Valentine.

408 West 8th Street, 214.943.5943, http://www.dudesweetchocolate.com/

2 J. Dorian

In the European style, all chocolate at J. Dorian are crafted from premium Belgium and French chocolate. The gourmet chocolatier provides everything from made-to-order chocolate bars to indulgent hot chocolate and mouthwatering truffles. You can also count on the folks at J. Dorian to supply you with quality chocolate wedding favors.

5312 Beltline Road, 972.392.9499, http://www.jdorian.com/

3 Chocolate Secrets

From decadent, towering chocolate cakes to boxes of luxurious hand-painted French chocolates and bottles of hand-selected wines, you won't find a more rounded experience than here at Chocolate Secrets. Come for the treats, but stay for the live jazz and French lessons.

3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, 214.252.9801, http://www.chocolatesecrets.net

4 Morgen Chocolate

For the fastest way to your honey's heart, head to Morgen Chocolate's popular second location on Oak Lawn. There you'll find solid "XO" chocolate bars, truffles in heart-shaped boxes and of course a giant chocolate bear, all delectable and to die for.

4210 Oak Lawn Ave, 214.522.5900, http://www.morgenchocolate.com/

5 CocoAndre

Another Bishop Arts District fave, this chocolate atelier has made a lasting impression on any and all guests that have ventured inside. At CocoAndre, you'll find European-style truffles, tons of chocolate molds, a wide variety of distinctive kinds and flavors and of course, Taza Chocolate, a line of authentic Mexican-style stone-ground chocolate that is both drinkable and edible "from bean to bar!"

831 W Davis St, 214.941.3030, http://www.cocoandre.com/

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