Pop the Bubbly: The Top 5 Places to Sip Champagne in Los Angeles

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No time isn’t the right time for bubbly time. Or in other words, there isn’t an event or celebration that Champagne doesn’t make better. Let the following top five establishments help you raise your glass and toast . . . whatever, really.

1 The Blvd

Marrying elegance with contemporary chic, The Blvd features L.A. luxury at its finest. They also have a swanky Champagne menu to peruse. My personal pick? A glass of Perrier Jouer "Fleurs de Champagne" from Reims 1999. Cheers.

2 Petrossian Café

Champagne and caviar go together like Penn & Teller, Mickey and Minnie, Sonny and Cher. What can I say? They're a perfect pair. So the obvious place to sample both would be at Petrossian's champagne brunch. Duh.

3 First and Hope

Champagne purists may scoff and snicker at Champagne cocktails, but nothing adds a little effervescence quite like a little bubbly. The cocktail menu at First and Hope supper club boasts more than a few Champagne cocktails crafted by master mixologist Marcos Teller. Don't forget to toast with Teller's signature "Seelbach"--a blend of bitters, orange Curacao, bourbon and of course, Champagne.

4 Deluxe Champagne Tour of Los Angeles

The best place to sip Champagne? Oh, about 15,000 feet above the city. Fly high above the sights and sample a little bubbly as you glimpse Hollywood hallmarks and the best view of L.A.--the city in its entirety.

5 Manna Korean BBQ

Ok, admittedly, Manna Korean BBQ is what you might expect to crop-up on a best of the bubbly list but the Champagne Birthday Spray at Manna will is at the top of the rocking good time list, and the . . .treatment does involve a bottle of Champagne. Let your server know it's your birthday and you get a complimentary bottle of champagne. Sprayed all over you. Not a gentle dribble. I'm talking punk rock party style. Leave your manners at the door. You only live once. Besides, who said Champagne tastings have to be a stuffy affair?

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