Pop the Bubbly: The Top 5 Places to Sip Champagne in Boston

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Nothing marks a special occasion more than popping open a bottle of champagne. But you can choose to make any day or place a special moment in time with a proper bubbly to sip upon.  But where are the best places to not only find the best champagne but to truly enjoy it?  Haute Living offers you the top 5 places to sip some champagne in Boston.

1 The Presidential Suite Bath at The Four Seasons

What better way to treat yourself than with the pure relaxing indulgence of sipping fine champagne while soaking in the Rosa Portugallo marble bath in the Four Season’s Presidential Suite.  Be sure to keep a full bottle on ice tub side as you (and perhaps your bath mate) may not be inclined to leave your watery palace when you reach the bottom of your first glass.

The Four Seasons Hotel is located at 200 Boylston St., Back Bay, Boston 617.338.4400

2 The Champagne Bar at RumBa

Bathed in a sea of red, the conclave known as the champagne bar at RumBa is easily the sexiest spot in the city to partake in a bottle or two of champagne. Whether celebrating with a bottle of the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dam or the Cristal Brut, NV or mixing it up with a champagne mojito you are sure to enjoy a champagne caliber evening at RumBa.

RumBa is located at The Intercontinental Hotel, 510 Atlantic Ave, Waterfront, Boston 617.747.1000

3 The Wine Cellar at Mooo… XV Beacon

XV Beacon has long been acclaimed as the keepers of the best selections of wine in the city, and their list of champagnes is no less grand. So why not indulge by surrounding yourself in the secluded elegance of their wine collections with some close friends.  And, should the occasion call for it, their cellar boasts a $14,000 bottle 1907 Heidsieck Monopole, 'Gout Americain’. Here’s hoping for the occasion that calls for it!

Mooo… is located at XV Beacon Hotel, 15 Beacon St., Beacon Hill, Boston 617.670.1500

4 Sunday Brunch at Mistral

Chilled champagne and fresh made to order sticky buns for a Sunday morning brunch… pure heaven. Veuve Clicquot sponsors the weekly brunch and is a personal favorite as the bubbles have bubbles. It is also a great companion for milk chocolate pancakes with banana brulee and crisp plaintain… weekend heaven.

Mistral is located at 223 Columbus Ave., South End, Boston 617.867.9300

5 Bondir

The farm house simplicity and beauty of Bondir is the perfect landscape for enjoying a glass of champagne, as though you were in the heart land of the Champagne region itself.  With a different menu and offering nightly, there is generally 5 champagne or sparkling options to slect from, making every visit to Bondir a unique one.

Bondir is located at 279A Broadway, Cambridge 617.661.0009

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