Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in Philadelphia

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Half of Philadelphia is currently scheming up an oh-so-perfect plans for loosing those 10-odd pounds that, in a champagne-induced euphoria, you declared would be gone in time for shore season. Maybe you will run Kelly Drive every morning. Maybe you’ll order every Jillian Michaels DVD on Amazon and turn your living room into a fitness club. Or maybe you need a creative, new way to burn those calories. If you’re in the latter category, check out one of these fun Philly workouts. Here’s to that two-piece by June!

1 Platoon Outdoor by Platoon Fitness

Need someone to guide you in your workout? How about someone to yell at you like a drill sergeant until you finish that tenth chin-up? This hard-core boot camp-style workout is run by some of the best instructors in the area; people you will hate as they make you do push ups in the snow, but will love when you actually have a six-pack. Meeting every day but Sunday and busting out a series of 1,115 exercises, this is for those who are serious about a serious workout.

899 Penn St.

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010



2 Pure Barre

Part ballet, part yoga and possibly part magic, this bend and stretch workout claims to deliver results in 10 classes. And with results like long, lean muscle and a flat middle, we want in. Muscle work is paired with stretching for toning that doesn't require heavy impact or cardio. Your workout might even feel you leaving a little more zen...not a bad bonus.

1701 Walnut St., 4th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103



3 Hip Hop HUSTLE™ at 12th Street Gym

You know what to do .... just bust a move. We've all felt the sweat drip after an energetic night on the dance floor at a wedding or local club, so why not make it part of your workout? Kind of like Zumba but with a more funky, modern beat, even those who claim to have two left feet will find the groove and burn some calories in this fun class.

204 South 12th St.

Philadelphia PA 19107



4 Skinny Jeans at Lithe Method

There are an array of workouts at this Pilates-meets-dance-meets-strength training studio, many of which are work a look on their site just doe the super cute names and descriptions, but Skinny Jeans is a continual best seller. Focusing on the abs, butt and thighs, you'll stretching, bend and tone yourself into the next size down in no time.

255 South 17th St., 4th floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103



Locations also in Northern Liberties and Ardmore

5 Triple Threat Toning at Fitness Works Philadelphia

We want it all, don't we? Just like the American Idols who had "it" in the form of the triple threat, now Fitness Works offers you the same in fitness class form. Twenty minutes of spinning, 20 minutes of toning and 10 minutes of abs make one class that will have you cut from head to toe.

714 Reed St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147



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