Lose the Spare Tire: The Top 5 Workouts in Moscow

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Enjoyed all that Champagne after midnight, roasts and other New Year indulgence? How about some thrilling sport activities to work off holiday calories? Extra pounds will go away easily with Haute Living guide to top workouts in Moscow.

1 Russian Sauna-Banya, Sandunovskie Banya

Banya is a traditional Russian steam bath (particularly good for eliminating toxins). Sandunovskie Banya is one of the oldest and favorite public banya in Moscow. It has unique interior: there's a general hall and 13 rooms all decorated in a distinct style reminiscent of Russian, Greek and Turkish architecture.

Neglinnaya street, 14/3-7, www.sanduny.ru

2 Rock Climbing, Skala City Climbing Gym

Skala City Climbing Gym is one of the biggest in Moscow. The most important thing in a climbing gym is the artificial rock or climbing wall. Skala City wall is 12 meters high and has a surface of 437 square meters. There almost 100 climbing routes, from easy routes for children to advanced grades for seasoned climbers. All equipment is provided and you can also ask instructors to help you climbing or insure you.

Kutusovsky prospekt, 36/3, +7 495 9807239, www.skala-city.ru

3 Ski & Snowboarding, Volen Sport Park

It's a restful family place with well developed infrastructure to ride mountain ski or to snowboard. Volen Park has about six slopes and elevators.

There are also guesthouses, restaurant and equipment store.

+7 495 578-3502, www.volen.ru

4 Ice Skating on Red Square

A traditional Russian winter pastime is an outdoor ice skating. The ice skating rink on Red Square in front of the GUM department store is one of the most well-known ice skating rinks in Moscow, especially for tourists. This big place for skating is lighted in the evenings.

Red Square

5 Le Meridien Moscow Country Club

Le Meridien features the only 18-hole championship golf course in Russia. Sports complex at the Le Meridian Club covers an area of 63,500 square feet. The most modern equipment is available for your fitness, relaxation, beauty and health-improving treatments. The Resort Sports Complex offers gyms, swimming-pools, saunas, tennis courts, football, mini-golf, sports and entertainment programs, bath on firewood on the lakeside, ski-run, skating rink and much more.

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