Lick Your Lollipop: The Top 5 Candy Shops in Boston

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While folks may talk about the joys of being a kid in a candy store, I think it is far more fabulous to be an adult in a candy store.  Think of all of the possibilities with a wad full of cash in your pocket and a store full of candy.  Pure sugar indulgence is perhaps one of the best joys on earth.  Just brush your teeth well after and hit the gym and all is forgotten… at least on the hips, if not on the lips.

1 Sugar Heaven

Sugar Heaven feels like all the wonder of your youth contained in one sugary sweet spot. You’ll find nostalgic favorites you may have forgotten about alongside new sweet creations that may just boggle your mind. Buy by the pound, the fistful or the mouthful.  With over 15,000 types of candies and novelties to choose from, one trip here may not be enough.

Sugar Heaven is located at 669 Boylston St., Back Bay, Boston 617.266.6464

2 Truffles Fine Confections

Just when you think you have made it out of the Prudential Center with about as many bags you can carry from a fairly successful shopping trip, you stumble upon Truffles. And just like there should always be room for dessert, there is always the great gripping capacity of your right pinky finger to hold on to a bag of mix and match candy.  The chocolate truffles after which the spot is name will sure to tempt you, but it is likely the colorful bins of jellybeans and candies that will attract you into this sweet spot and start you scooping to your heart’s content.

Truffles Fine Confections is located inside the Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St, Back Bay, Boston 617. 536.2663

3 Hidden Sweets

Whether you are looking to bulk up on bulk candy or are longing for a trip down memory lane with nostalgic treats like Pop Rocks and Pez, Hidden Sweets has the sugar laden treats you are craving. Head in with a friend and be prepared to turn into children as you shout out “Look at this!” and “I want that!” with uncontrollable jubilation. Sugar therapy really is so much more fun than crying at the therapists office.

Hidden Sweets is located at 25 Brattle St., Harvard Square, Cambridge 617.497.2600

4 Bön Bön

All of your sweet dreams may come true at Bön Bön, home of candy, chocolate, gelato and sorbet. Indulge your own cravings while they prepare you a custom gift basket so you can share the sugary goodness with others. And with bon bons just a $1 a piece, selecting an assortment to tide you over until your next trip in is a heavenly experience.

Bön Bön is located at 197 Mass Ave, Symphony, Boston 617.904.0770

5 Felicity Sweets

Felicity Sweets is unlikely to overwhelming you in the same way other candy shops might and that’s a good thing. Their selection is pared down to the best of the best and the owner is usually standing by with helpful suggestions and an expertise on everything from candy gift options to the best hot cocoa options to get you through this ridiculously cold winter.

Felicity Sweets is located at 579 Tremont St., South End Boston, 617.262.0707

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