Dipped in Chocolate: Top 5 Chocolate Spa Treatments in Atlanta

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Yes, it’s true. Everything is better with chocolate! Currently we are in the thick of Old Man Winter’s clutches and it seems as though pampering and indulging in the decadence of spa treatments has taken a back seat to shoveling snow, salting driveways and managing to make your way through the bristling temperatures that have plagued us for the past six weeks. However, I have a few treats today that will take the love of hot coco, candy bars and chocolate cake and turn them into relaxing and enviable spa treatments that will have you feeling divine and smelling even better. There are facials, mani-pedis and everything in between, all with a chocolate twist and some of the most fabulous treatments for you to luxuriate in. Whether you need a little routine maintenance or want to look your best for date night, here are the best chocolate spa treatments in Atlanta that are good enough to eat. Also, try these top Atlanta spas for all your relaxation needs: Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta is located at 75 14th St. 404.881.9898, The Spa at Château Élan is located at 100 Rue Charlemagne 678.425.6925, Spa Sydell is located at 1745 Peachtree St. NE Suite M 404.815.9882, Natural Body Spa & Shop is located at 2385 Peachtree Rd. Suite A3A 404.869.7722, Blue MedSpa is located at 190 10th St. 404.815.8880 and Spa Om Magie is located at 56 East Andrews Dr. Suite 11 404.814.2444.

1 Chocolate Facial

Indulge in the sinfully sweet chocolate goodness as it is expertly applied to your face with delicate brush-like strokes to ensure that no morsel of chocolate goes unused. While we are all quite familiar with the traditional facial, the chocolate variety is not only a delicious indulgence, but the antioxidants in the chocolate work wonders on the skin and pores. Dark chocolate is best for this procedure because, as has been well documented, dark chocolate is used for a variety of non food-related instances due to just how beneficial it is. One of the best things about the chocolate facial is that it is the perfect time to introduce your daughter or other special little girl in your life to the wonders of grooming. Seeing that the chocolate facial is made from natural ingredients and edible, little girls will love going to the spa and doing what Mommy does while enjoying the taste of a sweet treat. Also, the after effects of the chocolate facial are wondrous; “baby soft” skin, brighter complexion and minimizing the size of pores. After an hour or so of such extreme pampering, this will become a welcomed new addiction.

2 Chocolate Manicure

Say sayonara to brittle cuticles, ragged nail beds, rough hands and hard to manage nails because the chocolate manicure is here to wipe away all your nail blues leaving your hands feeling smooth as silk, or in this case chocolate. There are a couple of ways to experience a chocolate manicure, you can have you hands totally submerged in the gooey stuff and then wrapped in plastic or it can be applied delicately in strokes using a brush. The way that it’s applied seems to vary based on spa location, but it doesn’t really matter because the outcome is the same…ridiculously soft hands that were made to be touched. Like any other manicure, the chocolate kind also caters to the spots on the hand that receive the most abuse on a regular basis; I’m speaking of the nails and cuticles. Chocolate is so rich and luxurious that it is the perfect component to combat dry, winter-ravaged hands and nails, plus it will give you an excuse to indulge in chocolate without the guilt of calories. With this treatment, the prospects of handholding just skyrocketed!

3 Chocolate Pedicure

Our feet take a lot of abuse. I mean, just think, they carry us daily everywhere we go and sometimes we forget to properly take care of them and pamper them for all of the hard work they put in. Pedicures are essential for everyone, but especially for women because if you want those five and six-inch stilettos to be at least somewhat comfortable, you must get a pedicure and tend to the calluses, corns and dead skin that are the cause of many women forgoing their shoes by the end of the workday or night on the town. Now, a pedicure is always an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but when you combine it with chocolate, it becomes one of the world’s hidden heavenly pleasures that beg to become a regular fixture in your grooming schedule. As with previous entries, there a varying ways of administering the chocolate pedicure, you can soak feet in chocolate and then have them wrapped in plastic or have the chocolate applied gradually using a brush. The result are feet that are silky (and chocolaty) smooth and ready for a long night of dancing wearing the highest heels you can find. Besides, having feet that smell like the world’s most decadent dessert is one of the best things ever.

4 Chocolate Massage

Let all the stress of a trying work week, screaming kids, tiffs with your significant other and endless traffic melt away as you strip down and enjoy the delicious aroma of chocolate as it is applied to your body prepping you for the massage of a lifetime. Yes, that’s what it’s like when you have a chocolate massage, every care in the world is gone and your mind becomes completely clear, well at least until you leave the massage table. The chocolate is applied to your shoulders, nape, upper and lower back with a small brush and then massaged in. While all massage styles are welcomed (deep tissue, hot stone, etc.) a traditional massage without all the frills really gets the job done and keeps the focus on the amazing benefits of the chocolate. As it is massaged into your skin it is getting to those tight muscles, but also leaving the skin supple and smooth. The antioxidants of the chocolate help release the toxins in your body that cause tension buildup and stress. Once the chocolate massage is done you will feel like new money and your skin will smell, look and feel good enough to eat!

5 Chocolate Soak

The idea of a chocolate soak brings to mind the experience of a mud bath, you luxuriate in a tub filled with a warm brown substance and let its natural benefits work wonders on your skin. Well they aren’t exactly the same because soaking in chocolate is so much better! There are few things in the world of pampering and grooming that are better than relaxing in a tub of delicious chocolate with your eyes closed and soft music playing in the background. Yes, sign me up because I think I could become addicted to this really fast. After you soak for an hour or so, you are then instructed to rinse the sweetness away, but what remains is super smooth skin that will have you anxious to break out the spaghetti straps in the dead of winter.

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