Dipped in Chocolate: the Top 5 Spa Treatments in Los Angeles

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Despite what you were told in Junior High, chocolate happens to be good for your skin. Who knew the tasty treat is also packed with anti-oxidents? Don’t believe me? Let the following five spa treatments show you the benefits of cocoa. Now, if only they discovered that chocolate doesn’t have any calories.

1 Chocolate & Rose Body Treatment

If you're nuts for cocoa, then you'll go crazy for Ona Spa's Chocolate and Rose body treatment. Enjoy an all-over body exfoliating cocoa treatment followed by a jasmine and rose essential oil wrap. Delish.

Ona Spa, 7373 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323.931.4442

2 Chocolate Sun

The idea of laying on a UV bed is about as appealing as I don't know, say eating glass. The scientists at Chocolate Sun however, have put their heads together and invented a super safe tanning spray that includes, you guessed it, chocolate. Don't be afraid of looking like a Hershey bar. The "tan" appears to be completely natural; not too dark, not too light, not too orange.

147 Bay Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 310.450.3075

3 Double Choc Pedicure

Not only does this sweet treatment kick off with a chocolate milk skin-smoothing soak, the perfect pedicure also includes a little cocoa on the side. Gives you just another reason to take a trip to Bliss World.

Bliss Spa, 6250 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 877.TO-BLISS

4 Everything's Coming Up Roses and Chocolate Facial

Using a time-honored combination of the healing, ok let's get real, the pampering benefits of roses and chocolates, this facial courtesy of Verabella uses flowers and cocoa to fight off inflamation and break-outs. Pretty smooth stuff.

Verabella Skin Care and Therapy,

5 Chocolate Ya Ya Pedicure

Your Pedi Spa has an extensive menu of treats for your tootsies, including a decadent 1 hour chocolate pedicure. Your feet will delight in a chocolate soak, followed by a chocolate scrub and parrafin wax. What I would do, is book treatments at Your Pedi Spa and Bliss Spa and then compare notes, just to make sure you get your just desserts.

Your Pedi Spa, 6727 Fallbrook Ave., West Hills, CA 91307

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