Dipped in Chocolate: The Top 5 Chocolate Spa Treatments in Moscow

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Chocolate beauty treatment are a real bliss for chocolate lovers. It is also very good for you because of the ultra-hydrating properties of pure cocoa butter and the exfoliating qualities of natural sugars. And it leaves your spirit soothed and your skin smelling yummy. Find out Moscow’s best spas to pamper yourself with delicious chocolate spa treatment.

1 Mark Avrely Spa

Mark Avrely is one of the oldest spas in Moscow. Currently they recommend trying the chocolate wrap treatment. It starts with exfoliation: a mixture of sea salt and cocoa butter. Then the whole body is wrapped with chocolate and thermo blanket — a perfect opportunity for a quick nap. The final phase is applying caramel body cream with cocoa butter.

Izmailovskoye Shosse, 71

2 Marlen Spa

Marlen Spa offers three types of chocolate treatments: dark chocolate, white chocolate and golden chocolate wraps. Wrap with white chocolate is a wonderful skin moisturizing. As a result your skin is glowing and body is toned. These wraps, combined with wine and chocolate peelings, create an indescribable atmosphere of delicate relaxation.

Bolshaya Ordinkastreet, 6/2, www.marlen-spa.ru

3 Spa Palestra

Optimal combination, suggested to Spa Palestra clients, is a bathtub Favorite Latte, peeling Coffee with Spices followed by Chocolate Wrap. Continuing gastronomic theme, Spa Palestra offers fresh fruits, red wine and vegetable therapies.

2nd Peschannaya street, 4A

4 Orient Express Spa Club

Orient Express created the best conditions to restore your physical and spiritual resources, to extend your youth and beauty and to gain harmony and joy. The wonderful personal programs will help you to eliminate stress and strain, to elevate your spirits and energy, to restore the harmony of body, mind and soul and to acquire unforgettable impressions.

An absolute hit here is hot chocolate wrapping. Cocoa beans are the richest source of biologically active substances, vitamins and microelements. Cocoa butter contained in this delicacy possesses excellent cosmetic properties. It moisturizes and softens the skin, rejuvenates, gives the skin smoothness and silkiness. Duration is 40 minutes.

Bolshoy Kislovski Pereulok, 9, www.orientexpress-spa.ru

5 Chamonix Luxury Beauty Studio

Spa treatments in Chamonix are based on hot Moroccan products by Sultan de Saba. It warms you up, just like Morocco sun. The chocolate spa treatment Yin-Yang is an exquisite combination of white and dark chocolate flavors that improves your sensitivity. In addition, this intensive thermal therapy provides a powerful body-lifting effect, detoxifies the body and soothes aching muscles. Overall the body wrap with chocolate experience should leave your skin soft smooth and smelling fantastic.

Sovetskoy Armii street, 7, +7 495 6310513

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