Dine With The Stars: Top 5 Celebrity Chefs in New York City

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New York City, in our opinion, has the best food in the United States, and possibly the world. Top chefs from across country head to New York City to really earn their cooking stripes, so it’s no surprise that our city is home to countless celebrity chefs. Here is our list of our favorites who make our town so delicious.

1 Lidia Bastianich

She's an icon and one of the first-ever celebrity chefs, Lidia Bastianich is a household name and her resume will make your head spin. Not only does her restaurant group own top restaurants Del Posto, Esca and Becco, but she also runs the cooking school in the super-hot Eataly, which she opened with one of our other fave New York City celeb chefs, Mario Batali. And Bastianich is a true New Yorker. Her family opened their first restaurant in Queens in 1971. No surprise, now, she is a mainstay in this town.

Felidia, 243 East 58th Street, 212.758.1479
Del Posto, 85 Tenth Avenue, 212.497.8090
Eataly, 200 5th Ave., 212.229.2560
Esca, 402 West 43rd Street, 212.564.7272
Becco, 355 West 46th Street, 212.397.7597

2 Anthony Bourdain

Our favorite TV bad boy, Anthony Boudain, skyrocketed to stardom with his tell-all memoir about the New York City restaurant scene, "Kitchen Confidential." The proud New Yorker not only serves as chef-at-large for Brasserie Les Halles in the City, but also hosts the Emmy Award winning "No Reservations" on the Travel Channel, showing all viewers that New Yorkers have got a charming edge alongside their classy taste buds.

Brasserie Les Halles, 15 John Street, 212.285.8585
411 Park Ave S, 212.679.4111

3 Mario Batali

As a fashionista, I would tell you that orange clogs do NOT go with anything, but somehow Chef Mario Batali makes those orange clogs work. Batali not only owns a handful of restaurants in the city, including Babbo and Del Posto, but is also an Iron Chef on the popular Food Network series Iron Chef America, and is often seen walking the mean streets of New York City in those clogs. We love him because on top of being a fabulous chef, he's got wit and charisma to boot.

Babbo, 110 Waverly Pl. # A, 212.777.0303
Bar Jamon, 125 East 17th Street, 212.253.2773
Del Posto, 85 Tenth Avenue, 212.497.8090
Eataly, 200 5th Ave., 212.229.2560
Esca, 402 West 43rd Street, 212.564.7272
Lupa, 170 Thompson St., 212.982.5089
Otto, 1 5th Avenue, 212.995.9559
Spotted Pig, 314 West 11th Street, 212.620.0393

4 Daniel Boulud

French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud is pretty much a god in the food industry. His eponymous 3-Michelin starred restaurant is a favorite for anyone who lives, visits, or drops by the city. He also owns Café Boulud, DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, and DBGB Kitchen & Bar. With a list like that, it's no question, Daniel is a New York City restaurant idol.

Daniel, 60 East 65th Street, 212.288.0033
Cafe Boulud, 20 East 76th Street, 212.772.2600
Bar Boulud, 1900 Broadway, 212.595.0303
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, 299 Bowery, 212.933.5300
DB Bistro Moderne, 55 E 44th St, 212.391.2400

5 Masaharu Morimoto

Bringing some more glam to the already bustling sushi restaurant set in New York City, Morimoto runs his eponymous restaurant in Chelsea, as well as a handful of others across the nation. He also is one of the Iron Chefs from the original Japanese Iron Chef series, and continued that legacy when he joined Iron Chef America.  With his sweet, quiet demeanor and amazing cooking skills, Morimoto's cooking skills has attracted many-a-celeb to his restaurant, and his sphere of influence keeps growing. He recently developed a line of specialty beers in collaboration with Rogue Ales.

Morimoto, 88 10th Avenue, 212.989.8883

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