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A new year is the time to start things off fresh and renewed, and there is no better way to begin than to ensure that you have the best (and smoothest) skin that Mother Nature, with the help of some great beauty treatments, has to offer. Winter is notorious for being especially harsh on the skin, so it is essential that you head to your local spa or pick up your favorite beauty treatments and make sure that your skin is at its flawless best even in these trying months when the mercury is at an all time low. Here are the top beauty treatments that will exfoliate all the dead skin away, and make way for the gorgeous glow that you favor.

1 Spa Om Magie

Located in the trendy section of Buckhead, Spa Om Magie is the ideal place to come when you want to let go of it all, relax and be totally spoiled. This holistic spa not only caters to your outsides, but nurtures your inner soul as well. To get the best experience, I recommend spending the whole day sampling different treatments; you will feel like a new person once you leave. Treatments perfect for eliminating dead skin include: Sea Detox Body Wrap (energizing marine and plant wrap releases toxins while promoting mineral absorption), Silk Suffle Body (honey, butter and crushed almonds purify, repair, refresh and exfoliate skin), Hand & Foot Treatment (features exfoliation and reflexology pressure point massage) and the Hydrotherapy Treatment (aromatherapy bath with petals and bath salt detox treatments.)

56 East Andrews Dr. Suite 11

Atlanta, Ga


Spa Om Magie

2 Spa Sydell

Arguably Atlanta’s most popular spa with three locations to boot, Spa Sydell is the best place to go to rejuvenate between seasons. Mother Nature can be rough on skin, but have no fear because Spa Sydell has several body treatments to have you looking and feeling your best as you scrub away the dead skin of months past. Try the Dry Skin Brushing (stimulates and increases blood circulation, boosts energy, eliminates toxins from the body), Body Wrap & Polish (combines exfoliating Body Polish and detoxifying Body Wrap for the optimal body treatment) or the Body Resurfacing (a microdermabrasion-like treatment with exfoliating crystals, marine extracts, vitamin C, and lactic acid that leaves skin luxuriously soft.) After trying out these treatments you’ll be ready to conquer Old Man Winter at full speed!

1745 Peachtree St. NE Suite M

Atlanta, Ga


Spa Sydell

3 Natural Body Spa & Shoppe

This is a great place to go when you need a little tune-up to get you going or if you just want to take a day off to relax, clear your mind and be pampered for the day. Offering several packages and treatments, Natural Body has something for every body part and the skin that surrounds it. For the sometimes brutal winter weather try these treatments to have you looking and feeling fantastic. The Seaweed Exfoliating Treatment (hastens the body’s natural sloughing process, making your skin appear younger and brighter. By massaging with seaweed exfoliating body wash with pumice results in smooth, well-hydrated skin.) Renew Body Polish (great for sensitive/dehydrated skin, uses exfoliating gel that soaks into skin, detoxifying and enhancing circulation), Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub (foaming exfoliating scrub that buffs away calloused or flaky skin, includes special lemongrass ginger oil) and the Rest & Rejuvenation Treatment (features exfoliating gel, mask and wrap that is anti-aging, detoxifying and exfoliating.)

2385 Peachtree Rd. Suite A3A

Atlanta, Ga


Natural Body Spa & Shop

4 Buckhead Grand Spa

Located within the luxury oasis known as Buckhead, Buckhead Grand Spa has all the makings of the perfect place to get rejuvenated for a new year. They have various treatments available for the body, face, hands and feet, but what is really stellar are their equally impressive body treatments, complete with exfoliation features. If you truly want “baby soft” skin that is silky to the touch and glistens in the moonlight of a winter’s night fire, then try these standout treatments: Luxurious Body Polish, Nourishing Mineral Seaweed Mud Wrap, Natural Herbal Body Wrap, Sunkiss Body Bronze and the Luxurious Body Polish and Massage. After some of these specialty treatments you’ll have a head start on gorgeous summer skin!

3338 Peachtree Rd.

Atlanta, Ga


Buckhead Grand Spa

5 Blue MedSpa

In addition to their list of great products for the skin, face and body, Blue Med Spa also has a fabulous in-house spa that offer amazing treatments to help you look your absolute best at any time, whether gearing up for a pleasure cruise, red carpet function, date night or smooth skin is apart of your everyday beauty regimen, they have all bases covered. Be sure to stop by and try their lovely body treatments for removing all that pesky dead skin away. The Exfoliating Polish rejuvenates your skin by removing dead skin cells, allowing vibrant more even skin tones to appear. The skin is left glowing and hydrated after a finishing moisturizing treatment. The Escape Body Wrap & Scrub Treatment exfoliates, detoxifies and nourishes the body for an experience unlike any other. Island scents, enzyme scrub & antioxidant rich mud will blend together to create a results focused journey into body care. Lastly, the Cellulite Blast Body Wrap & Scrub Treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite with this indulgent body therapy that utilizes chocolate and coffee to soften, smooth and protect the skin while nourishing it with rich antioxidants for lasting results.

190 10th St.

Atlanta, Ga


Blue Med Spa

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