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So, you’ve eaten your fill of holiday cakes, cookies, pies and whatever else was in reach and now you have decided to make a firm commitment to get healthier by any means necessary…here’s where today’s Top 5 list comes in. As I already mentioned, the number one New Year’s resolution is always to lose weight and/or get in shape and today I have a list of the best places in Atlanta to burn off all the extra calories, lose the unwanted fat and tone those muscles into a lean, mean, sexy machine! Here are the best fitness clubs that have Atlantans sweating out the new year. Feel the burn!

1 BTB CrossFit & BootCamp

A constant fixture on several “best of lists,” BTB is hands down the best place to go when you are ready and committed to getting in the best shape of your life. I personally know of at least a dozen success stories of friends and coworkers who joined BTB and drastically changed their bodies for the better. From workout fiends to wide-eyed amateurs, every fitness level is welcomed and encouraged as the ultimate goal is to achieve your personal best body, not an ideal that can often be unrealistic. What initially started off as solely an outdoor boot camp company, evolved into also incorporating CrossFit, an open source athletic training program which incorporates exercises from multiple disciplines including gymnastics, weightlifting and plyometric/sprint training. With five Atlanta locations, there is no reason to put off looking your absolute best. This is a fitness club for those that take it seriously; your body will thank you.

several Atlanta locations

call 404.688.0100 for more information.

BTB CrossFit & BootCamp

2 Urban Body Fitness

A great fitness club right in the heart of Atlanta. Urban Body Fitness has all of the amenities that you need to achieve your best body; knowledgeable and capable trainers that are committed to helping you achieve the results you seek, state-of-the-art equipment that targets every area thoroughly and a beautifully spacious facility that will keep you coming back for all the fitness indulgence that you can handle. Some of the perks include an on-site chiropractor, towel service and tanning facilities. In addition, be sure to check out some of their exhilarating classes like: cycling, boot camp, spinning, aerobics and kickboxing. I don’t know about you, but I’m already energized and ready to go!

500 Amsterdam Ave.



Urban Body Fitness

3 Midtown Athletic Club at Windy Hill

This is the fitness club that you go to when you want the absolute best of everything. Everything here is on an amazingly high-level and totally grand scale; there is literally so much to do that you will have more than enough time to work out each and every part of your body…twice! This place is huge, just one look from the out side and you might ask yourself if you are at a health club or a hotel…yeah, it’s like that. Try some of the many services such as aquatics, personal training, spa facilities, squash, tennis and more. For the business-minded corporate professionals, there are corporate wellness and corporate team building programs, in addition to group exercises and social experiences programs. Stay at home Moms and working mothers are also considered because there is a special area of  the Midtown Athletic Club called Kidtown where the little ones are supervised and free to interact with other kids while enjoying scheduled activities. Lastly, whether you’re a person who likes to carb up before a workout or if you prefer to eat after you’ve burned calories, there is an on-site restaurant called M Café that serves up all the best food to keep you fit and trim, plus there is free Wi-Fi to boot! For a first-class experience, this is definitely the way to go!

135 Interstate North Pkwy. SE



Midtown Athletic Club at Windy Hill

4 Concourse Athletic Club

This is one of the premier athletic and tennis clubs in the city of Atlanta. Concourse Athletic Club has literally thought of everything to ensure that their members have a one of a kind experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the city. It’s the perfect health club for those seeking an active lifestyle. They offer personal training, group fitness classes, kids activities, aquatics, group cycling and tennis lessons. For those sore post-workout muscles, there is an exhilarating spa that has all of the elements to ensure that relaxation is guaranteed.

8 Concourse Pkwy.

Atlanta, Ga


Concourse Athletic Club

5 The Pace Club

This fitness hot spot has a bit of a twist involved, the programs here were designed with women in mind, seeing as how the female body has different trouble spots and areas that need to be targeted to achieve a thoroughly lean and sculpted look. Their theory worked because The Pace Club has often found itself on many “best of” lists and clientele can’t get enough of the winning results. The trainers here encourage increasing strength, toning muscles, building balance and developing flexibility. There are also 45 to 60 minute sessions and 30 minute coached cardio sessions as well.

2285 Peachtree Rd. Suite 200

Atlanta, Ga


The Pace Club

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