Work It Out: The Top 5 Fitness Clubs in San Diego

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If you live on the West Coast, you need to be in shape. If you live in San Diego, you really need to be in shape, because the majority of our city’s activities and events revolve around wearing a swimsuit! While much of this city is designed to promote healthy living, and you can always jog down the many sandy beaches we have to offer from Oceanside to Carslbad, there is still the option of hitting up a gym and doing it with a professional. There are a lot of great fitness clubs and workout options in San Diego, so let’s take a look at five of the best and most unique.  Here is the Top 5 list of fitness clubs for our gorgeous, sunny city!

1 FIT Athletic Club

FIT Athletic Club is the most hip spot to work out your body in all of San Diego. Membership to this club not only gives you the usage of their amazing facility in the East Village, it also gives you discounted relationship with a zillion lifestyle merchants in San Diego! Part day spa, part gym, part upscale life change, FIT is the place to swipe your card and become a member, as you're sure to enhance more than just your physique by visiting this trendy spot. Hit their second-flood outdoor pool deck and soak up some sun in between reps, you won't be sorry.

350 10TH AVE



2 Urban Body Gym

Calling their venue the "last real gym in America", Urban Body is the place to become a member if you're serious about your workouts and your results. They have a famou juice bar serving up real protein shakes, their trainers are top-notch profesionals, and the environment is almost like Cheers, you feel like everyone knows your name after awhile! With a true focus on health and fitness, Urban Body is turning our hard bodies left and right! Make an appointment with a trainer, but be ready to really work!

3148 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

3 Pilates Plus - La Jolla

When you hear a celebrity say that she gets her perfect shape from pilates, she means a program like the ones they put on at Pilates Plus in La Jolla. Working in small group environments, and pounding music into the room, Pilates Plus gives you a total body workout using core pilates techniques with some twists and turns along the way. Using the Sebastien’s Pilates eXpress (SPX) system, this is not just a  "stretch while looking pretty" experience, you will leave these classes with every single muscle you have, and some you didn't know you had, feeling the burn. Results are pretty much mandatory, as this system of exercise is proven time and again to present a toned, healthy form! Classes are broken into upper and lower body, and are straightforward in approach and application. Hit up Pilates Plus and you'll soon be hooked!

7726 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037


4 Grinder Gym

Dave DePew promises to turn your flab into fab in three months with his unique boot camp at Grinder Gym, and the people who have gone through the program all attest to it's amazing results and life-changing reactions. It's an outdoor gym that isn't relying on bells and whistles, fancy machines and creature comforts, it's the beach, sky, and sweat. Leading his fitness junkies and converts in an almost health-cult, this man is getting huge results. Grinder Gym is no joke, if you want a legitimate system to a better body, and a gym that isn't going to be another unused payment in your bank account, this is the place to go. Lace up your sneaks, and hit the Grinder.

2949 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 840-8175

5 Revolution Fitness

Kettlebells are tools that exercise and fitness gurus in all walks of gym life swear by, and at Revolution, they are getting people to their fitness goals faster and faster. The goal at Revolution Fitness is not just to get you ready for swimsuit season, it's truly to change your quality of life and lead you to your healthiest capacity. They offer excellent personal training with a remarkable staff, nutrition courses, and kettlebell classes, all designed to get you off your couch and our of your rut. At first you might feel weak with the kettlebells, but in one month your body, muscles, and life will start to transform!
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7447 Girard Avenue
San Diego, CA 92037
(858) 456-7386

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