Star Search: The Top 5 Celebrities Who Call San Diego Home

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Who wouldn’t want to live in San Diego? The beach, the Gaslamp, the vibe, the chilled out perspective on life, and the weather alone make people flock here all year, so it’s really no huge surprise that some very famous people call San Diego their home, and that this city has born and raised so many stars! Let’s look at some of or favorite famous San Diegans!

1 Jason Mraz

Owning an entire avocado farm in northern San Diego pretty much makes you a resident, and we couldn't be happier that Jason Mraz is such a fan of our city! With three amazing albums, sold-out tours, and music that everyone knows the lyrics to, you don't get much more celebrity than Jason Mraz these days. Chances are, at least of one his songs is in rotation on your Ipod, and his laid-back style is completely in tune with our great city! Respected in all circles and a fantastic entertainer, we're glad that Mr. Mraz spends a bit of his busy touring time here with us by the beach.

2 Tony Hawk

Unless you have been living in some kind of cave for the last twenty years, you know that no one gets much cooler than Tony Hawk, and he calls Carlsbad his home! Along with his three sons hits the beach regularly in the gorgeous beachside community, and calls San Diego his home turf. While his boys tend to surf and play out in the water, we're sure there is a plethora of skateboarding happening as well. After all, he's Tony Hawk, he's immortalized in video games and in the wheels of every kid learning a new skate trick in the world! We're happy you're one of us, Hawk.

3 Adam Lambert

Isn't it funny how the runners-up on American Idol, somehow tend to get a little bigger than the actual winner sometimes? Adam Lambert is exploding all over the music scene right now, and we're happy that he was born and raised right here in San Diego. While his career is putting him all over the map with tours and apearances, San Diego is where he calls home, and we're excited for that fact. With 2009's For Your Entertainment, he topped charts and has started creating his career. Way to go, San Diegan!

4 Mario Lopez

Like most actors, Los Angeles claims the majority of their time and residency status, but Mr. Lopez is a San Diego native and he keeps much of his roots here in our sunny city. With family residing in Chula Vista and surrounding areas, Mario definitely considers San Diego home, and spends much of his LA off-time back in his hometown. We're glad to be associated with you, Mario!

5 Phil Mickelson

Lefty is a native to San Diego, and after winning four major championships and raking in millions from his legandary swing, and while celebs tend to keep house in many places, he still calls these parts his home. He turned pro in 1992, and in a sport where few are known to the public by name, his is one of those few recognizable names, for his very reocgnizable talent and esteemed golf career. We're happy to Phil as one of us!

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