Star Search: The Top 5 Celebrities Who Call New York Home

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It’s no secret that New York City is home to countless celebs. From movie stars to singers to Broadway headliners, we see them roaming the streets with the rest of us. Although it’s tough to pick, here are our top five famous faces who make the Big Apple sparkle.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker

Nothing says New York like Carrie Bradshaw. Actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker makes the top of our list, not only for her portrayal of the quintiessential New York City writer/fashionista/shoe festisher, but also for her vast array of achievements. She started her blockbuster film career in 1984 with "Footloose," and there no question, she will keep it going.

2 Lady Gaga

A graduate of NYU, Lady Gaga embodies what makes New York unique — artistry, creativity and off-the-wall fashion. Her music makes us want to Just Dance, so it's tough to keep a Poker Face; we all love her!  It's no wonder she's so coveted by the Paparazzi.

3 Vera Wang

Fashion designer Vera Wang has dressed every big name from Mariah Carey to Chelsea Clinton, and rumors say she's in line to design the royal wedding dress of soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton. We love her not only for her wedding gowns, but for her always-chic presence and expanding line of jewelry, shoes, fragrance and home goods.

4 Woody Allen

Perhaps one of the most famous director/screenwriters of all time, Woody Allen was born and bred in New York City. His work has run the gamut from serious dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies. His versatility and skill hasn't gone unnoticed; Allen has won three Academy Awards and been nominated a total of 21 times: 14 as a screenwriter, six as a director and one as an actor.

5 Alicia Keys

"New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of," has become the new anthem of the city, and the sweet, melodic voice of Alicia Keys is behind the tune. The songstress already has 12 Grammy awards under her belt, and she isn't even 30! No question, she keeps us Fallin' in love with her music year after year.

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