Star Search: The Top 5 Celebrities Who Call London Home

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Celebrities? London has been turning out the famed, the skilled, the loved, and the detested for the last few hundreds years. While today the definition of celebrity seems to include any face that appears on TV for more than five minutes, London still has its fair share of homegrown hot shots and those from across the pond. Marie Teather picks her top five.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

Since Madonna headed back to New York, Gwyneth remains London’s favorite adopted golden girl. Her marriage to Coldplay’s Chris Martin in 2004 Gwyneth saw her head to the capital and take up sticks in in Belsize Park—in a house that was reportedly haunted. Happy to drop her Americanisms to fit into England’s capital, Gwyneth is happy to talk about “rubbish bins" instead of the “trash can” and even says her daughter Apple has an authentic cockney accent.

2 Sir Michael Caine

No surprise to most who live in the city, Michael Caine was voted London’s most favorite Londoner at the 2008 Visit London Awards. Sir Caine was born in South East London in 1933 and has been proud to call the city his home ever since. Always happy to praise the city, Michael says the most romantic place in London is in his flat in Chelsea Harbour, his favorite shop is Harrods, his favorite London icon the London eye and that he loves spending his time walking throughout the West End. And that’s why we love him.

3 Kate Moss

Not a week goes by without one of London’s, if not the world’s, most photographed models appearing in the paper—usually for doing little more than leaving her home or walking gorgeously disheveled down the street. Kate Moss has long been one of North London’s fashionable Primrose Hill set. Style icon and also party girl, whichever restaurant, bar or club Kate frequents soon becomes the next hot place to be seen.

4 Kevin Spacey

It's been seven years since Kevin moved to London to accept a 10-year post as artistic director at the Old Vic theatre, yet reports say he is still having the time of his life. Kevin has said that London has given him a whole new perspective on life, working with theatre types at the Old Vic has inspired him, and he’s even started wearing more formal British designer suits. Still, while he expressed a love of English panto he’ll never get used to having tea in the morning and prefers to stick to coffee. Full marks for effort, Kev.

5 Simon Cowell

The UK’s favorite TV judge, Simon Cowell, has a wealth estimated to be more than £115 million. Understandably his properties are pretty impressive. Although he only spends half the year in London for the filming of the X Factor, his main UK property is a £7.5million house in the city’s up-market Holland Park.

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