Star Search: The Top 5 Celebrities Who Call Dallas Home

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We all know how great Dallas is. The culture, the food, the fashion, the farms. But don’t ask us mortals for feedback, just look to the glittering celebs who call our fair city home. Here, I garnered the insider’s view from local PR mogul Lindsey Miller, a native Dallasite and hob-knobber to the rich and famous, for the goods on the most famous locals we have to offer.

1 Jessica Simpson

The songstress and Queen of "Chicken of the Sea" herself is a born and bred Texan (though you could probably tell from her big blond 'do and Southern drawl). "I hear she loves to come home and pack it in at Hotel ZaZa," says Miller. "She also loves to shop at West Village. I guess it's more her speed than Highland Park Village." The newly engaged 30 year-old also has her own clothing company, the Jessica Simpson Collection, lines of luxe jeans, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and more. Looks like selling 20 million records worldwide and sustaining a burgeoning acting career isn't keeping her too busy.

2 Luke and Owen Wilson

The handsome actor/brother duo are also fond of coming back to their roots here in the Big D. Born of Irish Catholic origin, the Texans made their debut in the indie flick Bottle Rocket and have been soaring ever since. "Luke's coming home soon for Christmas if he's not already here! says Miller. "Back in the day we used to see him at The Stoneleigh P over the holidays. He loves to hang out at Mi Cocina with our mutual old friend from growing up, Leete Jackson. He can also be seen at the Snider Plaza Starbucks on Milton Avenue when he's home."

3 Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu took a walk down fame lane in her birthday suit and found herself back in the limelight this year, when she stripped down for her now infamous "Window Seat" music video at the also infamous downtown Dallas location of the Kennedy assassination. Badu has a fun little loft at Southside on Lamar, but she also has an abode she keeps with her kids in the East Dallas area she grew up in. "She lives in a really groovy house that over looks White Rock Lake, with a packed front yard of kids' play toys. I always see her at Starbucks by SMU," says Miller.

4 Billy McNamara

You may not recognize this heartthrob's name, but you probably know the face. "I am an 80's girl, and one of my favorite coming-of-age movies is Stealing Home with Jodie Foster and Billy McNamara," Miller says. "Billy has been living between Dallas and LA for several years now, in the Uptown area in a cool loft by West Village. He became a very dear friend several years ago but prior to that he was one of my first 'celebrity crushes' when I was about 13 years old. Come to find out, he used to play with my husband, Michael, when they were really young kids along with the likes of Dallasites and neighbors Luke and Owen Wilson and another family friend, Ethan Browne (Jackson Browne's son) when they were in town visiting friends."

5 Tony Romo

Jessica's ex-beau and newly engaged himself, Tony Romo may be off the field this year but he's still on the radar. When he's not playing hero for the Make a Wish Foundation, you can find him and sports reporter fiance Candice Crawford at the Ranch at Las Colinas up to three times a week for some upscale Southern grub. On a personal note, Romo recently made time out of his hectic schedule to visit my five year-old nephew RJ in a small suburban apartment while my nephew was in hospice care. It was a miracle for him to meet his hero, and a day my family will never forget!

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