Star Search: The Top 5 Celebrities Who Call Los Angeles Home

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Ok, so this is a hard one to narrow down. Frankly, in this town, celebrities are a dime a dozen. After all, Los Angeles has long been a magnet for stars of the silver (and flat) screen. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of notables you may have seen gracing the red carpet who also hang their hats in L.A.

1 Tom Cruise

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Tom Cruise has led the L.A. chain gang for decades. As a high schooler running underground prostitution ring in Risky Business or as a renegade fighter pilot in Top Gun, audiences have been riveted by Cruise's intense performances since the early 80s. And hey, isn't couch jumping an Olympic sport now? Hmm.

2 Cher

The ultimate diva, Cher's presidential palace overlooks the cliffs of Malibu. The iconic singer/songwriter/actor first hit it big singing pop tunes with her old hubby Sono Bono. She later went on to win an academy award for her performance in Mask and raise eyebrows at the Oscars with her um . . . creative Bob Mackie ensemble which left, oh, nothing to the imagination. But hey, there's a reason girls, guys and drag queens alike go as the raven-haired beauty on Hollyween. These days she's paired up with Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. Get your tickets now.

3 Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio has been making the ladies weak in the knees for quite some time. Rife with boyish good looks, the actor has tremendous talent to boot. He's also the champion of several environmental charities and conservation efforts. Making Leo a box office draw you can feel good about throwing down for.

4 Drew Barrymore

Whether a wild child or a haute hippie, Drew Barrymore packs some serious flower power. While she's appeared in several films, the actress also has her own production company, Flower Films, that has Barrymore taking an active role behind the camera as well as in front of it. Her directorial debut, Whip It, was released last year and made roller derby fans out of the daintiest roses amongst us. She's also been tapped as an easy, breezy, beautiful face of Cover Girl cosmetics. What a firestarter.

5 Justin Timberlake

What can I say; he's bringing sexy back. Justin Timberlake has been making the beats that move and groove you since his tenure in 'N Sync. Now, his audio stylings are guaranteed to rotate on every haute DJ's ones and twos. It's no surprise, considering that Timberlake works with pretty talented crew including Pharell, Timbaland and Snoop Dogg. He's also received rave reviews in his acting and fashion forays as well as blew up the interweb with his infamous Saturday Night Live sketch that had even your grandma singng D*ck in a box. Yikes.

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