Pastrami on Rye: The Top 5 Delis in San Diego

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It’s some meat, some cheese, some mayo, and some bread, right? You wouldn’t think a sandwich is hard to mess up, but there are just some places that do it better! While delis are definitely not the greatest strength of our city, like surf shops are, we do manage to pull out a couple of good spots in the genre! Let’s check out the Top 5 delis in San Diego and get our munchies on.

1 DZ Akins

If you're talking about delis in San Diego, you're going to come up with DZ Akins. With over 130 sandwich options, the best meats available, and entire menu devoted to fountain products, and knowing just what a real deli should consist of, this is the best stop in SD. In operation since 1980 with a dedication to being the best deli around, DZ Akins hits the mark with every slice.

Tel: 619-265-0218
Fax: 619-265-8186
6930 Alvarado Rd.
San Diego, California 92120

2 City Deli

In Hillcrest you can stumble upon another great deli spot, at City Deli. People come from around the area to snack on the hammentashen and the sandwiches are always bigger than your mouth. Grab a pickle and a seat and enjoy the atmosphere at City Deli, one of San Diego's best spots for a deli hankering.

 (619) 295-2747

535 University Ave

 San Diego, CA  92103

3 The Place

The Place is an authentic kosher delicatessen and about as good as it gets for legitimate deli style food and trimmings in San Diego! Toting their venue as glatt kosher (smooth kosher) and their food is fantastic. From the tasty Israeli salad to the traditional pitas to the array of sandwich options, this is a great stop in your day. Come in for the taste of the real deal.

(858) 362-1353

6499 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, CA 92115

4 Elijah's

When you're voted "Best Pastrami" by the San Diego Jewish Journal, you must be doing something right in your deli! Elijah's is a restaurant, full-service catering venue, as well as a fine-tuned delicatessen. Located in La Jolla, Elijah's is known to be one of the best delis in the area, and their attention to detail and ingredients does not go unnoticed!

8861 Villa La Jolla Drive

La Jolla, Ca 92037

(858) 455-1461

5 Golden Cheers

Serving San Diego amazing bagels and sandwiches for over 20 years, Cheers is a favorite among deli lovers. Specializing in New York style portions and items, with a California twist, this is an excellent stop for your need of meat and cheese. Try the Maliby Ham, it's not what you might find in the heart of NY, but it's pretty great here in the curve of CA!

6983 Navajo Rd

San Diego, CA 92119


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