Pastrami on Rye: The Top 5 Delis in Moscow

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Over the years Moscow has transformed into a gourmet city for culinary lavishness. All sorts of international and exclusively Russian delicacies can be found here in local delis. Haute Living finds out where in the Russian capital you can easily order whitefish, lamprey, caviar, reindeer and cold meats.

1 Expedition Restaurant

Frozen fish is delivered directly from the Bay of Tiksi to the arctic cuisine restaurant Expedition. As a result, they serve whitefish and white salmon frozen carpaccio. These northern delicacies have a severe male taste. Pieces of fish should be dipped into smoked soy sauce and spicy adjika. Other delicacies include smoked reindeer, Oimyakon colt meat, rolls from wild duck and wild hare, reindeer hearts, quail stewed in oil, nelma, omul and silver salmon with smoked lamprey.

Pevchesky pereylok, 6, + 495 755 6075

2 Nedalny Vostok Restaurant

Foddies will be surprised to find a huge variety of oysters and mussels, clams and lobsters and fingers of Kamchatka crab meat arranged on ice at Nedalny Vostok. The kitchen serves pan-Asian delights. Kamchatka crab, caught in the waters around Sakhalin, plays an important role on the menu. It is prepared in a wok and served with various sauces, included in salads, cold and hot appetizers, rolls and soups. Another section of the menu deserving particular attention is that devoted to kasha — buckwheat groats with a leg of duck and the wheat variety with Chilean sea bass prepared exclusively in that restaurant only.

Tverskoy Boulevard, 15, building 2, +7 495 6940641

3 Gastronom No1

Gastronov No. 1 is located at the first floor of GUM, a giant department store at Red Square. There are plenty of updated Soviet delicacies at display (caviar, sardines, beef, jars of marinated mushrooms) a stuffed suckling pig, arrays of cheeses and pastries. There’s also a deli counter, so it’s possible to enjoy a takeout gourmet meals at the store.

GUM, Red Square, +7 495 6203010

4 Globus Gourmet

Globus Gourmet is a chain of six luxury grocery stores of ultra-premium class. This is a true mecca for gourmands from around the world. Globus Gourmet sells organic food, deluxe products and the ready-made meals of a quality that is normally associated with a menu from a upscale restaurant. A Caviar Room installed inside offers different kinds of caviar and a large selection of fish too.

Vremena Goda Centre Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48, +7 495 6481862
Leningradskoe Shosse, 112, +7 495 2258758

5 El Asador Restaurant

Spanish restaurant El Asador boasts nourishing, savory cuisine and rare Moscow delicacies, such as: marinated pork ears, suckling goat from the clay oven, thinly sliced duck fillet and, of course, homemade cider. The interior is original and the air is filled with aroma of Spanish dishes. Marvelous choice.

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