Motivate Your Workout: Top 5 Athletic Apparel Stores in Atlanta

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With the new year just around the corner and New Year’s resolutions making their way at the top of your “to do” lists, now is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things and by things I mean working out. Yes, the number one resolution is always “lose weight” or “get in shape” which is why today’s Top 5 list is fittingly accurate. Gone are the days when wearing any version of beat up old sweats and sneakers would do you just fine as you sweat your way to physically fit glory, now in order to perform your best, you must look your best. Over the years workout apparel has become incredibly chic and fashionable with some workout apparel even fit to wear alone, away from the gym. Atlanta is definitely a workout city and there are numerous athletic apparel stores that stock the best in workout gear, so enjoy our list of where to find the clothes that make your exercise regimen well worth the sweat. Let’s burn some calories!

1 Lululemon Athletica

Located in the swanky Buckhead section of Atlanta where gyms are quite prominent, you can find the best place in the city to outfit your workout regimen. Lululemon has absolutely adorable and trendy athletic apparel that is not only perfect for sweating off the excess pounds, but also for running errands or even dining with friends for a casual lunch. Their line is featured in several local and national publications, and ranks very high as one of the top athletic apparel lines in the country. For women, they have bras, tanks, shorts, skirts, dresses, yoga pants, crop tops, hoodies and headwear. For men, there are jackets, pants, socks, headwear and tops. They also have a great selection of equipment and tools for an overall great workout. For the best apparel in the city, your search has ended.

3400 Around Lenox Rd. NE

Atlanta, Ga


Lululemon Athletica

2 Deka Atlanta

This huge athletic apparel store is a dream come true for workout enthusiasts and for those that want to look their fashionable best while sweating away to their goal weight. The dual-level store has so much inventory that it is hard to know exactly where to begin.  From shoes, equipment, jackets and pants, to DVDs, various accessories and foundation garments, everything you need is here…in abundance. Also, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, so feel free to ask questions when necessary. Workout pros and amateurs are equally welcome here because they have products for every exercise level. The clothes are so chic here that you may often find yourself shopping here for even some of your non-workout attire.

3400 Around Lenox Rd. NE Suite 102B

Atlanta, Ga


Deka Atlanta

3 REI Perimeter

The Perimeter location of this hugely popular chain store makes our list because not only are all of your apparel needs met, but all outdoor activities are represented here complete with equipment, accessories and the like for some of the most exciting outdoor excursions. REI provides top brand gear and clothing for fitness, cycling, camping, climbing, hiking and much more. This is a virtual one-stop-shop; you can outfit yourself and get all necessary equipment here without having to travel to numerous stores just to prepare for a good workout. The customer service and staff is top-notch and extremely knowledgeable about any workout routine that you may have questions about. REI is for those that take their workouts seriously

1165 Perimeter Ctr. West Suite 200

Atlanta, Ga


REI Perimeter

4 Distant Replays

This vintage-inspired sports apparel store is for the workout fans that like an element of nostalgia as they sweat their bodies to perfection. The retro-sports headquarters has all of the clothing, accessories and equipment that brings back at time of yesteryear. Vintage jerseys, tees, tanks, hats, jackets, bats, balls and storage equipment can be found here to suit your athletic needs and pursuits. There is also a delightful abundance of college and professional sports merchandise if you want to wear your favorite team or player while you sculpt your body on the elliptical machine. Distant Replays is a fun way to look back at the past and prepare for the future simultaneously.

2980 Cobb Pkwy. Suite 103

Atlanta, Ga


Distant Replays

5 West Stride

For the novice or expert running enthusiast, West Stride is where you go when you want the best clothing, shoes, equipment and accessories to help your achieve your best stride while running for athletic glory. If you are training for an upcoming marathon, 5K or you have a regular running workout regimen then this is an ideal place. The staff is very active in the local athletic scene in Atlanta and is always knowledgeable and helpful regarding the best running workout that is suitable for your lifestyle, goals and health. The clothing here is also unbelievably cute.

3517 Northside Pkwy. Suite 11

Atlanta, Ga


West Stride

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