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Double latte skim milk, or triple mocha frappucino? You’d rather guzzle gasoline than be caught sipping coffee at Starbucks. That’s why you know all the specialty shops around Dallas that deliver you your morning dose of energy- or do you? Travel outside your caffeinated comfort zone and visit one of these great cafes for some extra flavor.

1 The Beckley Brewhouse

With Oak Cliff and it's wild, South Dallas alternative vibe, a mention of the area's finest java shop is on the top of my list. The Beckley Brewhouse is a creation of Ron and Corinna Wills, white color couple turned ma and pa cafe owners who transformed a former crack house into the scenester coffee destination it is known for today. Duck in to this unassuming little cafe, pull up a chair and enjoy a good book and some peace and quiet..that is, unless the table next to you is playing Jenga.

1111 N Beckley Ave, 214.943.8977,

2 White Rock Coffee

The very popular White Rock Marathon just wrapped up last weekend, and the trail around the peaceful lake is one of the favorite treks for morning runners. So of course, a duly strong coffee house is needed for the all these early risers. Enter White Rock Coffee, who specialize in hand crafted micro-brews to bring out that caffeine connoisseur in us all. Try the Sweet Yellow Bourbon from Brazil, or the Stumpknocker's Blend, "The Hiker's Favorite." Either way, you'll make your co-workers jealous.

10105 E Northwest Hwy, 214.341.4774,

3 The Pearl Cup

One of the newest niche coffee shops in town comes from two Austin ladies, who moved here and were disappointed to find so many big business java places and hardly any serene havens for boite bliss. Setting up post at the head of the bustling Henderson Ave, Pearl Cup is a hub for all the hip afternooners and late nighters that frequent the area. Try the soy caramel latte--it's so delicious even your carnivorous friends will drink up.

1900 Henderson Ave, Ste B, 214.824.9500,

4 Motopia

How often can you get your super-masculine friends to join you for a nice cappuccino? Probably about as often as they offer to see Hugh Grant movies with you and your gal pals. If you have to get your coffee fix but you're surrounded by testosterone, head to Motopia. Here, your greaser guys can get their motorcycles serviced while they kick back with a manly shot of La Cimbali espresso and a Cubano panini.

4123 N Central Expressway, 214.443.8389,

5 Obzeet Coffee Bar & Cafe

Perfect if you like a little kick in your coffee, patrons at Obzeet must be over 21 if they want to enter the relaxing oasis after 8 p.m. That's because this funky little garden/restaurant/coffee shop/live music venue offers just about everything but the kitchen sink to satisfy any craving you may have, before or after your cup o' joe. If you like a little sugar with your coffee, opt for a slice of Key Lime Pie as you groove to acoustic rock or an awesomely cheesy 80s cover band. If your in-laws are visiting for the holidays, Obzeet is your best bet. Dad can puff on a spicy cigar while your dear mother-in-law peruses the home decor items.

19020 Preston Rd, 972.867.6126,

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