Java Jolt: The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Chicago

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Whether it’s mocha, java or espresso, a good cup ‘o Joe can either make or break your mood for the entire day. Keep the creative juices flowing at these caffeinated spots for a quick pick me up or curl up with a good book.

1 Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea

Intelligentsia travels to their coffee’s source each of the 12 months of the year. They visit farms, roll up our sleeves, and get to it on 24-hour redeye flights and 10-hour, high-altitude pick-up rides over serpentine roads. You pick up Intelligentsia and shake the hand of a farmer in Peru. Or Rwanda. Or Guatemala.

3123 N. Broadway. 773.348.8058.

2 Metropolis Coffee Co.

The Boston Tea Party, the storming of the Bastille, and the Russian revolution were all planned at coffee houses. A coffee house should be a showcase for artists, a forum for ideas, and a catalyst for conversation. The name Metropolis comes from Plato's notion of Polis, or city-state. A Polis is complete and sufficient unto itself. Community and the regard for differences among people and their ideas are central to our coffee philosophy. Each bean and tea leaf is sourced with two groups of people in mind: the people that taste them, and the farmers that grow them. Coffee, like art, has an aesthetic.

1039 W. Granville Ave. 773.764.0400.

3 Julius Meinl

The Julius Meinl Group (pronounced MY'nl) was founded in Vienna 1862 by a boy from the country who came to Imperial Vienna looking for work. He opened a small store and started to sell green coffee. In those days coffee beans were roasted at home on wood burning stoves. This process required a lot of care because the risk of burning the beans was considerable. Since then 5 generations of the Meinl family have been supplying customers worldwide with the world's finest coffees. For over 145 years Julius Meinl has been Central Europe's leading coffee company.

3601 N. Southport Ave. 773.883.1862.

4 Asado Coffee Co.

Asado Coffee Co. boasts the freshest coffee east of the Cascades. Sourced and roasted to perfection in small batches, they use human sight, smell, sound and taste to judge the quality of the beans.

1432 W. Irving Park Rd. 773.661.6530.

5 The Wormhole Coffee

Hardly inconspicuous with a giant DeLorean in the window, they have vintage movie posters, stuffed Smurfs and Ghostbusters lining the walls. Between the hipster decor, strong coffee and free WiFi, it’s the perfect setting to meet your next Craigslist missed connection.

1462 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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