Java Jolt: The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

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Nothing beats waking up in the morning with a stiff cup of joe. Whether you take your poison light or dark or in some instances black, let these 5 coffee klatches guide you to the best brew in L.A.

1 LaMill

You will be hard-pressed (get it!) to find a better cup coffee on this side of the Mississippi. Beans are brought into La Mill's Silverlake salon from LaMill's Alhambra roasting outpost and whether you take your brew siphoned or chemexed, the resulting cups are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating coffee critic. The environs are LaMill are an updated study of georgian decor. Pick a selection of sweet treats from the dessert menu and play like Marie Antoinette or sample some of the seriously delicious dishes (Michael Cimarrusti of Providence developed the menu) and just be your classy self.

1636 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 323.663.4441

2 Groundwork Coffee Company

For over 20 years, Groundwork has been roasting organic fair-trade beans, which means that you can forego the guilt in favor of your mocha latte. Peeps who dig groundwork's coffee can order bags online but those who live in town should pop by one of Groundwork's 6 cafés located throughout the city or better yet drop by the coffee spot nestled on the beach the next time you go roller skating down the boardwalk.

3 Westminster Ave., Venice, CA 90291 310.452.2706

3 The Conservatory for Coffee and Tea

The Conservatory for Coffee and Tea is the kind of place you can bring a book, sit back and relax without feeling like you should have worn a beret, boned-up on your Heidigger and/or practiced your spoken word poetry. The café is cute and casual and the barista's sling a seriously good cup of joe. You'll never find coffee bumming out on the burner at The Conservatory. Rather, you'll be greeted with coffee roasted in small batches and a tea list of over 150 varieties of leaves and spices. Heck, even the OJ is fresh-squeezed. Good morning!

10117 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 310.558.0436

4 Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio is known for a few things: thin cripsy wisps of oven-baked pizza, fantastic plates of pasta, perfect flaky pastries, and an amazing cup of espresso. While Il Fornaio has several locations through Southern California, the Beverly Hills restaurant has earned a serious rep for having a dark, rich espresso that soothes and satisfies at the end of a meal. In fact, the Il Fornaio espresso experince makes you feel a hop, skip and jump away from Milan, where espresso is taken very, very, very seriously. Viva Italia!

301 North Beverly Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90210 310.550.8330

5 Jones Coffee Roasters

Pasadena residents have been known to flock to Jones Coffee Roasters to get their daily fix. With a generations-old family coffee farm in Guatemala and locally-roasted varietals, Jones Coffee Roasters has elevated growing and roasting to an art form. For those of who want get the coffee down low, Jones isn't shy about spreading their wealth of information. They host a slew of workshops educating students on the finer points of the bean. Sounds like the perfect present for that amateur barista in your bunch.

693 S. Raymond Ave ., Pasadena, CA 91105 626.564.9291

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