Small Plates: The Top 5 Tapas Restaurants in Dallas

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Tapas. It’s not just for the Spanish-fluent anymore. In fact, for any kind of group gathering, whether it be a pre-movie dinner or a post-theatre entree, small plates are the way to go. I know everything is bigger in Texas, but that doesn’t mean bold flavors can’t come in pint-sized bites. Switch your hunk of beef out for some hummus and gives these spots a try.


Samar by Stephan Pyles

1 Si Tapas

If you want an authentic trip to Spanish cuisine, Si Tapas is the spot. Given that those in Spain indulge in late night meals with friends and family, it is only appropriate that they support a group-style eating technique, which Si Tapas fully supports. If you can't decipher the foreign menu items, such as Setas al Ajillo or Almendras con San Gorda, then just read the English versions followed right after. Although, it would imporve your stock with the server if you order in Spanish.

Si Tapas, 2207 Allen St, 214.720.0324,

2 Sangria Tapas Y Bar

Ok, so another restaurant that has tapas in the name. Obvious as it may be, any Dallasite knows that a Lombardi eatery is the place to be, and Sangria Tapas is no exception. Besides their top-notch menu, which even includes an elaborate brunch list with baklava and an Apple Frangipan Tart, their beverage selection is also worth a taste. Another obvious pointer: go for the Sangria, only a buck on Sundays.

Sangria Tapas Y Bar, 4524 Cole Ave, 214.520.4863,

3 CHIC From Barcelona

Everything about this place screams authentic, from the Gaudi sidewalk out front to the croquetas. Although the main star at CHIC Barcelona is the chicken, a perfectly spiced rotisserie dish that is absolutely out-of-this-world. It's a little off the beaten path (i.e., not downtown/uptown and nestled in a shopping center), but that makes it all the more special.

CHIC from Barcelona, 11909 Preston Road, Suite 1426, 972.239.2442,

4 York Street

Although not Mediterranean cuisine and not officially considered "tapas", chef Sharon Hage makes this little spot a go-to for any group occasion. With a constantly changing menu that offers the freshest, most delicious dishes, York Street is definitely an impressive place. Do not let the unassuming exterior of the little place in Lakewood fool you: everything, from the toasted almonds and olives and shot of white wine at the outset to the decadent dessert at the end, is superb.

York Street, 6047 Lewis Street, 214.826.0968,

5 Samar by Stephan Pyles

Recently voted as one of the top ten new restaurants in the country by Esquire, Samar is rapidly becoming a Dallas staple. The extensive tapas menu includes items from Spain, India and the Middle East, and the prices are well worth the trip. Go for the Chiken Apricot Kebab with Saffron and Cashews with some Naan.

Samar, 2100 Ross Avenue, 214.922.9922,

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