Rough Patches: The Top 5 Fall Spa Treatments in Moscow

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What is fall associated with? For many it is cold weather and bad mood. Not enough of sun, heat, enthusiasm and energy. Haute Living lists for you best treatments in Moscow’s spas that will help you to accumulate the energy and relieve stress. After all, fall is the perfect time to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and prepare for high-shopping season.

1 Chamonix Salon, Treatment Seven Spices

Spa treatments in Chamonix are based on hot Moroccan products by Sultan de Saba. They warm you up, just like the Moroccon sun. One of the best treatments here is Seven Spices. It’s a great exfoliation. The scrub is made with Eastern spices without adding salt and sugar. It smells like Moroccan sultry perfume bazaar and puts you in a blissful state of mind. The scrub is followed by gentle massage with exotic fragrant oil. By the end of the treatment, your body is toned and relaxed.

Sovetskoy Armii Street,7

2 Spa Palestra

Spa Palestra's fall special treatment is a bath with cinnamon, followed by a scrub with wine and a hot stone massage. It’s a sheer pleasure. It starts with bath with cinnamon and cloves. Spices warm the body up, increase circulation and relax the brain. The bath is followed by exfoliation with bamboo and wine. Then it comes time for a hot stone luxurious massage session. It’s the perfect excuse to decompress after a stressful week.

Second Peschannaya Street, 4A

3 Babor Beauty Salon

The whole facial treatment at Babor Beauty Salon lasts for 20 minutes: a relaxing face massage that combats dark circles and fine lines that offers some rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. The mask is particularly good. They put it on the eyes; as it freezes, all those muscles in the forehead and in the eyes areas release their tension. The effect is similar to Botox.

4 Tretyakov Spa, Jet Lag Treatment

When stress and action-packed days are taking their toll, consider booking Jet Lag for rejuvenation and a refreshing change from the season of indulgence. They cover the  body with self-heating mud, which helps to eliminate toxins and relieve fatigue.

Tretiakovsky Proezd, 3, +7 495 933 3388

5 Aida Beauty Salon, Facial Treatment from Swiss brand Bellefontaine

This caviar-infused facial treatment is the perfect way to sit back and enjoy a taste of luxury—without any calories! During the session, the face is covered with the finest plate of silk fibers impregnated with Iranian sturgeon's Caviar, amino acids and vitamins.

Cosmetologists recommend doing a course of eight treatments if you want your skin to become porcelain! However, one session is enough to set you aglow.

Malaya Nikitskaya Street, 10, building 2, +7 495 691 1015

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