Opa!: The Top 5 Mediterranean Restaurants in San Diego

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If there is someone out there that doesn’t love Mediterranean food, we never want to meet you! The seasoning, the sauces, the decor, the exuberance for food, we have got to break down the Top 5 Mediterranean spots in San Diego! Opa!!

1 Addison

No matter where else you've been, what else you've eaten, or whatever other Mediterranean food you've experienced, the best is at Addison. Not only is Addison the only 5-Diamond restaurant in San Diego, and the absolute pinnacle of service and cuisine excellence, it is the top of any list of restaurants, most especially when discussing Mediterranean food. Most of the influences are French, but as that touches the Mediterranean Sea, we definitely include it's scrumptious talents in our list! Located within the gorgeous Grand Del Mar Resort, Addison is stop number one on this list.

5200 Grand Del Mar Way
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 314-1900


2 Bandar Restaurant

If you're looking for amazing Persian cuisine, head into the Gaslamp and find a table at Bandar. With fresh, creative dishes presenting the most delectable Persian choices, people are in love with Bandar. With many faithful patrons claiming it is not just great, but the very best in Persian food, this is a restaurant worth checking out. The owners are gracious, as is the entire staff, and the menus is an event. Order up their signature lamb dishes and enjoy the Haute quality of this venue.

825 4th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101


3 Yanni's Bistro and Cellar

When you've received so many awards your website has to list them in a column, magazine writers have to check you out, and we're so glad we did! Yanni's authenticity in Mediterranean cooking is legitimately incredible. Fusing their style from tastes from the Northern Mediterranean areas of Greece and Italy, their food is deliciously different than anything you might find in an American restaurant, and tasting of another land. Their Cappellini Toourkolimao is something your body will thank you for. Visit this restaurant if you'd like a new taste on Mediterranean, covering some areas that trendier restaurants don't sample.

12205 Scripps Poway Parkway
Poway, CA 92064

Tel: (858) 527-0011


4 Acqua Al 2

We've covered Acqua Al 2 a couple of times in this magazine, but they really are that good. Their dishes are so authentic and the atmosphere is exactly what you're hoping for when visiting a true Florence-inspired restaurant. With all of Italy's boot lying in the Mediterranean, we can't leave them off the list, and Acqua Al 2 is the real deal in Italian cuisine.


322 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA. 92101

5 Georgia's Greek Cuisine

Since 1977, Georgia's has been the family owned and operated restaurant you want to visit when looking for traditionally excellent Greek food in San Diego. Bringing their old-world recipes right over from Greece and maintaining a faithfulness to Mediterranean flavorings and ingredients, Georgia's is going to serve you up the same Greek food you'd be getting if you were sitting in a family kitchen in Athens. Delicious and on point every time.

3550 Rosecrans St # A
San Diego, CA 92110-3238
(619) 523-1007


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