No Dirty Dishes: The Top 5 Catering Companies in Moscow

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Christmas is the time of year when we find ourselves sharing time with friends, family and loved ones. Put all the worries aside and let the catering company to be in charge of planning and food during the festive period or whenever you wish to. Here is the list of top catering companies in Moscow that will ensure you enjoy your celebration to the fullest.

1 Novikov Catering

Novikov Catering takes amleading position in luxury market segment of external restaurant services. It is owned by Arkady Novikov, a most prominent Moscow’s restaurateur. The wide experience of their employees allows Novikov Catering to form a well-organized team for any complex events. They guarantee a high level of decoration, organization and service. It can provide dinner for an event with about 1,000 set guests or a buffet table for about 3,000 standing guests. Novikov Catering offers a wide choice of dishes of the European, Mediterranean, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Uzbek and kosher cuisines. Thoughtful décor from Novikov Catering will create a special mood. The company is ready to offer to your choice of sites for events from the Expo Center to Yusupov Palace.

Serafimovicha street, 2, +7 495 589 27 40,

2 Potel & Chabot Catering

Potel & Chabot is a global catering company with offices in Paris, Moscow and St. Petersburg. It has a long history in Russia, catering banquets to the tsars. Potel & Chabot is known worldwide for its majestic service, taking an individual approach to each client. You will have more than 2,300 options to choose from for your event. Potel & Chabot will help you chose the perfect venue, chefs, wines, servers, florists and decorators for your celebration.

Vyatskaya street, 27, building 15, +7 495 641 1024

3 Uley Catering

Uley Catering — a recognized expert in catering — has been in the business since 2000. Uley Catering became the first Russian company to work in the premium market segment. More than 2,000 catering events of the highest level in Russia and abroad, including Viennese Ball, are already part of the history of the company. Uley Catering organizes and carries out all types of catering events.

Olimpiysky prospect, 5, building 1, + 7 495 795 7575

4 Smart Catering

Event by Smart Catering is bright and harmonious polyphony of up-to-dateness, style, quality, good taste, elegance, flexible approach, experience, traditions, innovation, perfect service and success! It specializes on catering services for all kinds of events — corporate, public, urban, sport, business and private, of any format, occasion and status.

5 Pushkin Café

Legendary Pushkin restaurant offers truly elite catering — A Visiting Repast. Thanks to which you can recreate at home or elsewhere an atmosphere of 19th century Russia. Pushkin’s catering is more then just catering. A Visiting Repast includes not only immaculate dishes from Café Pushkin, but also ceremonial serving, royal porcelain china, thin crystal and waiters with impeccable court manners.

Tverskoi Bulvar, 26a, +7 8 495 739 0033,

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