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Raw bars are a must-have in a seaside town with seafood restaurants ranking in the country’s best. Thing is,you can’t try oysters and shellfih in a place that isn’t doing it right, so let’s look at the Top 5 Raw bars in SD!

1 The Oceanaire Seafood Room

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is always on the lit of top restaurants, especially if we're talking about anything seafood, so of course they're on the top of the list for raw bars. The oyter bar at Oceanaire is amazing, and their selection and freshness are hard to match. Choosing only from the best options, their oyster choices are reason enough to head over to this Gaslamp location and slurp one down. Try to ctatch a seat on a packed night and order up a hama hama or skookums, you won't be sorry!

2 Blue Pointe Coastal Cuisine

One of the absolute best restaurants in San Diego, in general, is Blue Pointe Coastal and their oyster bar is superb. The chef's seafood tower is an incredible array of raw selections, and the spicy yuzu oysters are delicious. Great quality of raw bar choices  in the dinner club feel of Blue Pointe Coastal. Class all the way.

3 The Brigantine Del Mar

Where better to enjoy a fun oyster bar than overlooking the race track in beautiful Del Mar at the famously delicious Brigantine? While the Brigantine has locations throughout San Diego, the Del Mar location has a great vibe at their oyster bar, and the freshness is incredible. Grab an oyster shooter and enjoy the company at this fantastic seafood spot.

3263 Camino Del Mar

Del Mar, CA 92014

4 Ocean Room

The oyster and suhi bar at Ocean Room in the Gaslamp is really hard to beat. The Oyster Sampler and the various sushi selections are so fresh and finely created that even people who are leery of raw dishes are going to enjoy the smooth and easy taste of the selections at the Ocean Room.

630 5th Avenu

San Diego, CA 92101

5 The Fishery

If you're in Pacific Beach, and you're looking for a raw bar, you need know other location than The Fishery. In a gorgeous, restored vintage warehouse, this restaurant is taking seafood very seriously, including their oyster/raw bar. Hosting entire oyster months at variuos times throughout the year, if you're looking for shellfish, you're looking for The Fishery. With both sushi and oysters, The Fishery covers a wide selection in their raw category.

5040 Cass Street

Pacific Beach, CA 92109

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