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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to highlight the numerous charities in Atlanta that make a difference for others all year long. Often we get so wrapped up in our own lives and the daily grind of work and family commitments, that we forget how little it takes to do something good for someone else. Sometimes all it takes is a little of your time or even a small amount of money, whatever the case, today we have selected the top Atlanta charities that aid in putting smiles on the faces of Atlantans everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving!

1 Habitat for Humanity

One of Atlanta’s leading charities, Habitat for Humanity has been around for almost 35 years and city residents and beneficiaries greatly appreciate their many contributions. Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and making adequate affordable shelter a mandatory option for all those in need. Thanks to their courageous efforts, Atlanta now has one of the largest single-family housing developers and is the second largest out of all the HFH affiliates in the United States. Everyone should have a home, and thanks to Habitat for Humanity, that dream has become reality for so many.

519 Memorial Dr. SE

Atlanta, Ga


Habitat for Humanity

2 Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities

Children are always a soft spot in the hearts of others. They need to be loved, protected, nurtured and cared for in every way possible. While there are numerous Atlanta charities that put the needs of children front and center, for more than 30 years the Atlanta Ronald  McDonald House Charities leads the way with their methods and execution. The mission of ARMHC is to provide a “home away from home” for ill and injured children who must travel to receive aid at Atlanta children’s hospitals. During their stay, children and their families get spacious rooms, meals and constant care from local volunteers. A sick child is a horrible experience, but ARMHC continues to strive to make the journey a little less rough.

795 Gatewood Rd. NE

Atlanta, Ga


Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities

3 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

An Atlanta institution for sick and injured children, CHOA is special to me because not only is it amazing in the care and attentiveness it lends to patients, but years ago I had a family member that was born premature and CHOA took expert care of her until she was fully ready to come home. I’m sure there are thousands of Atlanta families with similar stories and that is what makes them such an amazing charity. Through donations and fundraising efforts of those who care, CHOA is able to support many initiatives like, clinical excellence, research, teaching, wellness and charity care. It is because of this, that each family supported receives the best care around.

1405 Clifton Rd. NE

Atlanta, Ga


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Headquartered in Atlanta, CARE is one of the leading humanitarian organization standing in the fight against global poverty. Here in the states, poverty is an issue that needs to constantly be addressed and supported to ensure that it is eventually wiped out, however globally, poverty is such a dire situation that we often couldn’t even begin to imagine how to combat it if it were at that level here in the U.S. That’s were CARE comes in. Their strategy in the fight to end poverty begins with poor women by providing education, preventing the spread of HIV, access to clean water and sanitation, expanding economic opportunities and protecting natural resources. CARE also delivers aid to survivors of war and natural disaster, such as those recently displaced in Haiti. With their diligent efforts to end global poverty, I think they are definitely on the right track.

151 Ellis St. NE

Atlanta, Ga



5 Hands on Atlanta

It’s always good to take time out of your life to do something worthy for (and in) your community. Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is just a few hours of your time on a monthly basis. Hands on Atlanta helps individuals, families and corporate and community groups find volunteer opportunities at over 400 service organizations and schools all over Atlanta. Atlanta is clearly in the volunteering spirit because there are currently over 37,000 volunteers lending a helping hand at schools, parks, senior communities, food banks, pet shelters and low-income neighborhoods. Doing something good for someone else is the best way change the world, and HOA is leading the way.

600 Means St. Suite 100



Hands on Atlanta

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