Good to Give: The Top 5 Charities in Moscow

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Helping others even in the smallest way is the most humane and highly challenging thing at the time when the festive season is just around the corner. You can help those in need by donating, volunteering, supporting or simply sharing your old things. Haute Living selects most reliable and trustworthy charities in Moscow, in case you want to make somebody’s Christmas a little brighter. You can make a difference.

1 Naked Hearts Charity Foundation

Naked Hearts was founded by supermodel Natalia Vodianova in 2005. It’s a philanthropic organization that strives to provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in urban Russia. Naked Hearts built its first play park in 2006 in Vodianova’s hometown Nizhny Novgorod. Since that they have built more then 38 playgrounds.

2 The Vladimir Potanin Foundation

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation was established for implementation of socially significant long-term projects in the sphere of domestic education and culture. It is a private foundation with the budget financed by personal assets of billionaire Vladimir Potanin.

The foundation primarily focuses on the implementation of long-term scholarship and grant programs. They are aimed at talented young students of the country’s major state educational institutions, as well as at talented teachers.

Culture supporting projects are also of importance for the foundation, which aims to encourage vocational and creative growth of the Russian museum society. The foundation strives to support innovations of pro-active and creative museum professionals with potential for cultural breakthrough. The foundation annually awards more than 400 grants and 2,300 scholarships.

3 Podari Zhizn Foundation

Podari Zhizn is an initiative by a group of doctors, journalists, actors and others concerned about helping children with cancer. The foundation aims to provide social and psychological support to children with cancer, to raise funds for their treatment and rehabilitation and to assist in the construction and equipment of a new modern oncologic and hematologic center. Throughout the year, various charity and fund-raising events take place.

4 Dobroye Delo Charity

Dobroe Delo is a Moscow-based charity providing care for the elderly. Dobroye Delo volunteers look after lonely, elderly people, who cannot leave their apartments due to health problems. Elderly people who were victims of totalitarian regimes are their major concern. Since 1989 the organization has been providing medical and social at-home assistance to elderly victims of the GULAG through other charitable organizations. The organisation is unique in its way as it combines direct help for the elderly, alongside research and the elaboration of new practices.

Nizhnaya Siromyatnicheskaya street, 5/7, +7 495 916-75-24,

5 Kto Esli Ne Ya Charity Foundation

Charity Foundation Kto Esli Ne Ya was founded in 2007 to carry out social projects and charitable assistance to children in difficult situations, including those left without parental care. The foundation is engaged in socialization of children from orphanages; they teach them, help to get higher educate and develop creative and intellectual abilities.

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