Chinese Brunch: The Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in Moscow

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Chinese food has a high reputation in the world for being exquisite, delicious, spicy and diverse. Chinese restaurants in Moscow usually adapt their cooking to suit local tastes and make it less spicy. But there are restaurants in Russian capital serving traditional Chinese food. Haute Living selects the best of them.

1 Vertinsky Restaurant

A swanky and beautifully decorated restaurant, Vertinsky serves modern, authored Russian and Chinese cuisine. It is the place to be seen and to eat exquisite dim sum. The service here is excellent and the food is equally good. It’s traditional Chinese, but with a European flair.

Ostozhenka street, 3/14, +7 495 202 0570

2 China Club Restaurant

The interior’s graceful interweaving of French and Chinese traditions, with colorful replicas of colonial accouterments, make restaurant China Club both ceremonial and cozy. China Club is somewhat reminiscent of a Chinese box of secrets. In addition to the main dining area, there are also private rooms with individual designs, as well as an expansive entry hall. A separate entrance leads to a “secret” area.

The concept of combining West and East also extends to the restaurant’s menu, which is a harmonious confluence of European and Asian gastronomical traditions.

Krasina street, 21, +7 495 232 27 78

3 Mr Lee Restaurant

Mr. Lee is modeled mainly upon the restaurants of Shanghai. The restaurant serves traditional pan-Asian cuisine. The better half of the menu is devoted to Chinese dishes, while the remaining part features dishes from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Head chef Jonathon Curtis particularly recommends dim sum, the poached egg in sweet soy sauce; the salad of chicken, shrimp and pomelo; the sweet-and-sour soup with seafood; and the crispy shrimp in Tom Yam sauce.

Kuznetsky Most street, 7, +7 495  628 76 78

4 Turandot Restaurant

Turandot is undoubtedly the most impressive restaurant in Moscow. Construction took more than six years. Every detail was planned and there are works of art everywhere. No other restaurant in Moscow can compete with Turandot for interior beauty and the fine quality of served food. Turandot’s chef Alan Yu, coming from Hong Kong, offers Chinese cuisine such as enticing Langostinen dumplings, marinated squid or tea-smoked pork.

Tverskoi Bulvar 26/5, 495) 739-0011,

5 Djun Go Restaurant

The imperial luxury of Djun Go interior distinguishes this restaurant from other Chinese places in Moscow that are usually decorated in an ethnic style. There three halls here: Red room, The Garden and VIP zone. The chef here cooks dishes from Guangzhou province. The menu has many dishes of seafood and fish and of course the usual meat and duck.

Tverskaya Street, 24, +7 495 755-8403,

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