Chinese Brunch: The Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in Boston

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If you read my tapas top 5 earlier this month, you know I love a variety of flavors in my meals.  I often stopped eating more out of boredom than I do because I am full. My husband, on the other hand, prefers to see his food before he makes his selection.  So dim sum is our perfect meal choice. If it looks good, grab it and its yours.  But to find a truly upscale dim sum experience in Boston, you may have to move around as dim sum is done wonderfully both in and out of Chinatown got our top 5 Boston area dim sum hot spots.

1 Myers + Chang

Light, bright, airy and fun – the atmosphere at Myers + Chang will have you in the right spirit for trying as many dishes as you and your dining companions can possibly consume from the moment you step inside. And with dim sum options that run the gamut from Asian pickles and green papaya slaw to wok-charred baby octopus and thai pork kabobs the choices are vast and delightfully surprising.

Myers + Chang is located at 1145 Washington St., South End, Boston 617.542.5200

2 Hei La Moon

For the true Chinatown experience, Hei La Moon offers one of the best – a diverse menu, expansive and well appointed seating and authentic tastes. While it is technically on the outskirts of Chinatown – more within the Leather District – wandering away from the pack of greasy late night weekend only dim sum spots in the heart of Chinatown is certainly worth the extra paces.

Hei La Moon is located at 88 Beach St., Chinatown/Leather District, Boston 617.338.8813

3 Yangtze River Restaurant

With a regular menu of 35 to 45 dim sum items to choose from, the selection is certainly not limited at this suburban restaurant. A staple in the community, Yangtze River specializes in four styles of Chinese cooking: Peking, Shanghai, Szechwan and Cantonese. Should your appetite be particular voracious when you visit, Yangtze offers an all you can eat dim sum and buffet special on the weekends that will more than satisfy.

Yangtze River Restaurant is located at 24 Depot Sq, off of Mass Ave., Lexington, 781.861.6030

4 Chau Chow City

Chau Chow City in Chinatown is more than just fun to say. With cart upon cart passing you by with dim sum treats to try, the experience is a foodie’s version of a kid in a candy store. It can be a particularly adventurous experience here if you are not fluent in Chinese as many servers do not speak English and descriptions of what you are about to try are generally unavailable. Just remember the last time you were abroad without a translator and blindly select that which looks best.

Chau Chow City is located at 83 Essex St., Chinatown, Boston 617.338.8158

5 East by Northeast

Cambridge, particularly Inman Square, is abuzz with fusion restaurants and East by Northeast may be one of the most adventurous with a mix of Chinese, French and American cuisine for a refreshing take on dim sum as well as their main dishes. Freshness is the key to their success here with all noodles, breads and dumplings made in house and all meats are from New England sustainable farmers.

East by Northeast is located at 1128 Cambridge St., Inman Square, Cambridge, 617.876.0286

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