Child’s Play: Top 5 Mac and Cheese Dishes in Atlanta

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We love it, we crave it and whether you’re health conscious or not, everyone loves the decadent indulgence of a creamy, cheesy helping of mac and cheese. After all, it’s the ultimate comfort food and I can’t think of many other foods that instantly cheer you up or make a great day even better with just one spoonful. Here in Atlanta, there are several amazing mac and cheese recipes that have a decidedly southern flair. So, sit back and revel in the mouthwatering list of the best mac and cheese dishes that has all of Atlanta salivating for seconds.

1 OK Café

It’s unanimous. On virtually every Atlanta food critic and foodie’s list of the city’s best mac and cheese, the number one spot consistently belongs to the recipe perfected by the OK Café. This Atlanta institution for over 25 years is home to traditional down-home southern cooking that is just like tasting recipes your grandmother used to make. Their super popular mac and cheese is no different, topped with three different cheeses and seasoned with Ranch dressing, it’s hard to fully describe the experience; you absolutely must try it for yourself. It has all of the elements of a great mac and cheese dish: cheesy, innovative, flavorful and a few surprise ingredients that take it over the top. Run, don’t walk, and try this amazing dish!

1284 West Paces Ferry Rd. NW

Atlanta, Ga


OK Café

2 South City Kitchen

This charming restaurant filled with lovely southern sensibilities and even better southern recipes, South City Kitchen is a culinary gem located in Midtown in a converted bungalow from the 1920s. The food is identical to the atmosphere, warm, welcoming and leaving you wanting more. If you’re like me, when you find an amazing mac and cheese dish at a restaurant, you hold on to it and share the wealth, and the mac and cheese here is definitely worth savoring. It has just the right amount of cheese and seasoning, making for a deliciously decadent time. It’s also one of the main reasons why customers come back repeatedly…their mac and cheese is highly addictive, as the countless waistlines of fellow Atlantans can attest.

1144 Crescent Ave. NE

Atlanta, Ga


South City Kitchen

3 Community Q BBQ

Not only is it a customer favorite, but also loved and lauded by critics as well, the mac and cheese at Community Q is nothing short of phenomenal. Boasting a recipe that rivals many of the top tier restaurants, if you are a mac and cheese fan or if you just flirt with it casually, you have to try this dish because after one bite you will be clamoring for the recipe. Their version features rigatoni pasta, Cheddar, Monterey jack, Parmesan and heavy cream, which is then baked to ooey, gooey and cheesy perfection. OMG, I just drooled on my keyboard! Do yourself a favor and try it immediately!

1361 Clairmont Rd.

Atlanta, Ga


Community Q BBQ

4 JCT Kitchen

Another hot spot where the goal is to make you feel like family…and feed you like family. JCT Kitchen is a cozy and friendly Atlanta restaurant where comfort food reigns supreme, but with a decidedly more refined aesthetic than usual. All of their food is quite tasty, but let’s delve deep into their mac and cheese which is a good time of bubbly, cheesy goodness. Packed with pasta, a variety of cheeses, and yummy seasoning, it’s a perfect addition to your comfort food arsenal. After one bite you’re hooked!

1198 Howell Mill Rd.

Atlanta, Ga


JCT Kitchen

5 4th & Swift

This Old Fourth Ward dining haven is home to some fabulous mac and cheese nestled cozily in with other dishes. Upon entry you are welcomed with the large space that houses this great restaurant; it’s trendy, upscale and friendly to boot, which is a perfect companion to the delicious food sure to make a splash with customers. 4th & Swift has an old-fashioned take on their mac and cheese, kind of like what your Mom or grandmother would make, and boy is it good! Creamy, cheesy and subtle on the seasonings, it is the perfect recipe because you can actually taste every ingredient without being bombarded by a myriad of flavors.

621 North Ave. NE

Atlanta, Ga


4th & Swift

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