Child’s Play: The Top 5 Mac and Cheese Dishes in San Diego

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What on earth is more comforting that mac’n’cheese?  Not a whole lot!  On these chilly fall nights, a steaming dish of incredible macaroni and cheese is just about as amazing as hot chocolate, and here in San Diego we have some spots that have the art of mac’n’cheese DOWN.  Let’s take a loook at San Diego’s Top 5 m’n’c dishes!

1 Acqua Al 2

Yes, we cover Acqua a lot in this magazine, but if we're being honest, they do this stuff amazingly! There mac'n'cheese dishes, and there are a couple that qualify, are so much more than anything you're picturing from that blue box in your kitchen cupboard. Order up the Fusilli Cord agli Spinaci and enjoy the corkscrew pasta and parmesan sauce dancing upon your tastebuds. Not to be missed, San Diego, not to be missed.

322 5th Ave. Gaslamp

San Diego, CA 92101

2 Cafe Chloe

It's not a huge place, it's not a giant name, but in terms of macaroni and cheese, it's the place you need to go and everyone in San Diego agrees on this. Their lunch or dinner portions of their macaroni, pancetta, and french blue gratin will make you crave it for weeks to come. Not your traditional bit of cheesy mac, but definitely an incredible take on the classic dish, Cafe Chloe has got this serving down to an art. Delicious!

721 Ninth Ave #1

San Diego, CA 92101


3 Gaslamp Strip Club

While it's the popular spot downtown for steak and trendy scenes, there are not one, not two, but THREE mac'n'cheese options that totally rock at Gaslamp Strip. They serve up an incredible three cheese dish, and an even more incredible truffled mac'n'cheese, and a unique lobster truffled option that will blow you away. If you are a mac'n'cheese lover and you don't check out these three killer dishes, you're missing out on something pretty great! The truffled options are creamy and fluffy flavor-filled comfort foods while the three cheese item is just as cheesy as you imagine it to be, with a great seasoning taste to it, all worth a bite.

4 Bertrand at Mister A's

While it's not easy being the classiest joint in town in general, to be the classiest joint in town while also serving some of the best of a low-key classic dish like mac'n'cheese is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Bertrand at Mister A's probably isn't the restaurant that comes to mind when you talk about the best macaroni and cheese, but it should be, as like all they do, it's fantastic. They serve it up traditionally enough, but their impeccable choices in ingredients turn your favorite childhood dish into something superb and, can it be, elegant? With Comte cheese, black truffles, and pancetta all smothering the macaroni, you're going to start thinking of this as fine cuisine indeed.

2550 Fifth Avenue Twelfth Floor

San Diego, CA 92103

5 Urban Solace

Oh man, Urban Solace is good. It's really, really good. Right smack on Restaurant Row of North Park, they serve our list's most unique dish, Duckaroni. A menu item that combines mac 'n cheese with duck confit, blue cheese, roasted garlic, arugula, and scallion. It might sound a little odd, it might sound a little out there for a mac'n'cheese dish, but it's pretty much amazing. There isn't an adequate way to describe the taste, it's something you need to just go try, even if you're a purest with your mac'n'cheese and think this combination is an abomination, you'll be a convert after one bite. Creamy and seasoned and different, this take on the classic is a spin in the very right direction. Just try a bite.

3823 30th Street

San Diego, CA 92104

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