Can the Meat: The Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in San Diego

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While some people think all Americans are carnivorous folk, this simply isn’t true!  For those animal-friendly eaters out there, here are the Top 5 vegetarian spots in San Diego!

1 Jyoti Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant

Even if you cannot pronounce the name on your first six visits, Jyoti is a great place to head if you're looking for vegetarian or vegan dishes. Owned by spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy, this Normal Heights venue is based on the idea that everyone coming in, working at, or contributing to Jyoti Bihanga is adding to the spirituality of the restaurant. This isn't just an experience in great vegetarian cuisine, it's also a bit of a spiritual journey. Grab a Neatloaf sandwich and indulge in some other-worldly talk with fellow patrons.

3351 Adams Ave

San Diego, CA 92116

2 The Naked Cafe

With four locations all over San Diego, everyone has been to the Naked Cafe, and with good reason, it's delicious! While their menu isn't strictly meatless, anything they have can be prepared that way, and the majority of their dishes lean that direction. The Naked Cafe bring together the healthiest, most savory ingredients and focuses on dishes that not only taste amazing, but also promote the healthy lifestyle they urge their guests to create. Try a Goddess Wrap and feel the goodness inundate your body!

Locations in Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Encinatas, and Point Loma

3 Sipz Fusion Cafe

Boasting a completely meatless menu that is also completely "fused", Sipz is a great joint for vegetarian meals. Not subscribing to only one genre of taste, these dishes range from Asian to European and back, all while mixing and twisting in between to create the most delicious combinations of vegetarian fare. Taking their fusion style to whole new levels in San Diego, Sipz Fusion Cafe is a place even meat eaters want to visit!

5501 Clairemont Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92117

4 roots

Roots claims to be kind food for kind people, and it is! Preparing absolutely amazing vegetarian and vegan food from scratch weekly, roots is top of the list when it comes to a meatless meal. Everything they create if from sustainable, local, organic ingredients, utilizing the local farms in the area and turning out truly unique food. This food can be found weekly at the Ocean Beach People's Food Store, and is worth a stop-in.  Delicious!

4765 Voltaire Street

San Diego, CA 92107

(at the OB People's Food Store)

5 Veg-N-Out

Veg-N-Out is located in North Park and is so dang good! Claiming to appeal to a wide variety of omnivores, Veg-N-Out is a small spot for incredibly good vegetarian and vegan food. Keeping healthy eating and lifestyles in the forefront, all ingredients are chosen carefully and used to create fantastic vegetarian choices that everyone can enjoy. Their gourmet burgers cover a wide range of styles, and all without the burger, yet you hardly notice that fact!  A definite stop for vegetarian lovers.

3442 30th Street

San Diego, CA

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