Can the Meat: The Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Moscow

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Moscow is becoming more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society then ever and that cultural tendency can be clearly perceived in the food of the city. The restaurant scene boasts a varieties of cuisines. And the appearance of eateries with separate a vegetarian menu is big progress for such meat-loving city as Moscow. Haute Living looks at the restaurants with the most diverse and exciting vegetarian menus in town that will appeal to everybody’s taste.

1 Avokado Café

This upscale place offers vegetarian options from Italian, Japanese and Russian cuisines. The ingredients used are all GM free and are organic as often as possible. The menu in Avocado Café is updated every three weeks. There is a hefty choice of smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and oxygen cocktails at the bar. The food looks delightful, and the place is often full of non-vegetarians who are curious what it tastes like. It tastes delightful, too.

Chistoprudny Boulevard, 12/2, + 495 9217719

2 Jaganath Express Restaurant

Jaganath is the best place in Moscow for those who prefer international vegetarian food and a healthy lifestyle. It includes popular veggie cafe, all-vegetarian restaurant and health food shop. The food is mainly vegan. As well as a tasty vegetarian menu, they use organic coffee and organic and soy milk.

Kuznetsky Most Street, 11, + 7 495 6283580

3 Yamskoye Pole Club and Café

This café has a diverse menu, drawing on vegetarian dishes from cuisines from around the world. Meatless versions of soups, salads, pasta and main courses are all featured. It has a seriously relaxed atmosphere, and the restaurant is magnificently done.

3rd street of Yamskogo polya, 14/16, +7 495 2571052

4 Fresh Restaurant

Fresh is a healthy food restaurant with a special vegetarian menu. It specializes in organic cuisine and has a great knowledge of tailoring menus and dishes to special requirements. They only use fresh fruit and vegetables and organic produce wherever possible.

Petrovka street, 21, +7 495 624 0358

5 Krisha Mira Night Club

Surprisingly one of the most exclusive clubs in Moscow features decent a vegetarian restaurant for those who need some rest from dancing. It’s not very strict, as alcohol is welcomed.

Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment, 2/3, +7 495 2036008

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