This Just In: The Top 5 New Restaurants in San Francisco

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When you live in a foodie-centric city like San Francisco, the hottest ticket in town is a reservation to the newest restaurant. Here are a few of the most popular restaurants to open in recent history.

1 Benu

This was debatably the most highly anticipated restaurant opening this year. Chef owner Corey Lee, formerly of French Laundry, spent over a year meticulously perfecting every detail of his restaurant and he delivers with dishes that are fresh, bright, and clean served in a gorgeous venue.

22 Hawthorne Ln, San Francisco, 415.685.48.60,

2 Commonwealth

This Mission restaurant is fine dining at its best, while being easy on the wallet. Their 6-course tasting menu only costs $60, $10 of which is donated to a local charity. Their progressive American cuisine combines a wide range of cooking techniques (including liquid nitrogen) with an around-the-world culinary approach.

2224 Mission St, San Francisco, 415.355.1500,

3 Prospect

The same team that owns and operates the highly successful Boulevard, has opened Prospect in San Francisco. The tone is a bit more casual, yet the tasty new American cuisine delivers. They recently launched a Sunday brunch featuring a popular ricotta donuts dish.

300 Spear St, San Francisco, 415.247.7770,

4 Zero Zero

Zero Zero is named after the flour used at their restaurant, the same pizza makers in Naples have used for hundreds of years.  In a town that is already largely split over the pizza debate, this joint has generated a lot of buzz for its fresh oven pies. If you are on the go, some of their pizzas are event available frozen to be cooked at home.

826 Folsom St, San Francisco, 415.348.8800,

5 Bar Agricole

Their ever changing menu,  created with the freshest of seasonal ingredients, ensures a new experience each visit. Their eco-friendly patio with cement seating serves fresh cocktails with garnish grown on site. It is uber-modern design meets farm-to-table cuisine.

355 11th St, San Francisco, 415.355.9400,

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