This Just In: The Top 5 New Restaurants in San Diego

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The restaurant business is not the easiest field in the world, and longevity is longed for by all who attempt a foothold in the industry, but our Top 5 new restaurants in San Diego will hopefully stick around and become our Top 5 oldest restaurants someday!

1 West Coast Tavern

Being open barely one year and still going strong, West Coast Tavern is a must-visit place for hipsters and foodies alike. The funny thing about this new venue is that it's actually very old in it's location, taking up residence in an historic building built circa 1929. With live music and movie screenings and all the other fantastic North Park traditions framing it's doors, the West Coast Tavern serves up delicious fare until late-night and patrons are flocking to be seated in the warm atmosphere.

2895 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 295-1688

2 Searsucker

From the hit show on Bravo, Top Chef, finalist Brian Malarkey, who is also is the TLC host of Megabites, and his partner in opening Searsucker, James Brennan, partner in San Diego hotspots like Stingaree, this new restaurant is pretty hot on the to-do list of people in the know. With a location to die for in the middle of the Gaslamp, Searsucker is a venue boasting a menu of creative takes on American classic dishes, local craft beer, and a wine and cocktail list to come in for alone. There is a lot of hype behind the names involved with this spot, but the menu and the fun atmosphere more than give it credibility and staying power.

611 5th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101

3 Analog Burger Bar

Undergroup hip-hop, a newly renovated restaurant with design at the forefront, and the Cohn restaurateurs mean that Analog Burger Bar is a place you need to grab a bite at and soon. Located in the middle of the Gaslamp, this new venue is pulling in inspiration from San Diego's best landmarks, mixing in a NYC dive bar vibe, and makes you feel like you're in a recording studio circa 1975, all while feeding you some seriously delicious food. Grab a karaoke mic and some shrimp ceviche and you've got a night on your hands.

801 5th Avenue
Gaslamp San Diego, 92101

4 Cucina Urbana

Re0opening as Cucina Urbana, in what used to be Laurel, this new take on the space is something everyone has been talking about. Owner Tracy Borkum has created an Italian kitchen and wine shop that is getting a lot of buzz and with good reason. Entering into the space, one feels like they're in the fanciest rustic kitchen they've visited, and a feeling of Old World takes over as you inhale the various delicious scents. A true California spot, this restaurant is focusing raw, sustainable ingredients and they've even gone so far as to use reclaimed materials around the city in their decor. Great service, a creative menu, and a local feeling to it all, Cucina Urbana is a great new addition to the SD restaurant scene.

505 Laurel

San Diego, CA 92101

5 Sessions Public

While some would classify this as a bar with amazing food, this is falling into the popular trend in SD as a gastropub opening, and it's really, really good. Toting their menu as eclectic comfort food, this menu rivals the bar in best things options in the venue. A true San Diego spot, with a name referencing surfing and a devotion to local, sustainable foods, Sessions Public is a new spot that is staying popular and growing in fanbase. Try the rib-eye fries, they are a decadence.

4204 Voltaire Street

San Diego, CA 92101

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