Shave and a Haircut: The Top 5 Barber Shops in San Diego

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Women aren’t the only people out getting groomed and styled these days, and in a city wrought with Navy SEALs and various servicemen, you can bet that a good shave and haircut are imperative in San Diego!  Let’s take a look at where the best looking men get prettied up!

1 Urban Shave Barbershop

Do you want a traditional barbershop experience with a barber that's been trained in places like Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell, and various other top styling names?  Then you want to come to The Urban Shave, a barbershop in operation in San Diego for over adecade and a client list of long-standing regulars and an atmosphere that screams, "Men!" A lot of men go to the barber, then end up coming home to fix their sideburns, ask their wife to redo the back, or end up heading right back in a week because it doesn't feel right, but not after coming to Urban Shave. The owner, David, is a pro, and the place is first class all the way. Ask for the barbershop facial, you won't regret it!
3774 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 297-4283

2 Floyd's 99 Barbershop

If you put a barber shop right on Market Street, you know you better have some credit, and Floyd's does not disappoint! Voted Best Barber Shop in CityBeat, and a very popular spot amidst the downtown crew, Floyd's is a place that you want to become a regular, so you can meet the other regulars. The reason this shop fits in so well downtown is because the atmosphere is anything but salon, it's more like the coolest hangout you can find, and while you're there you can get your haircut. Game tables, music pumping, walls plastered with music posters, this isn't your run-of-the-mill barbershop. You almost want to bring your buddies and make it a man's day, complete with beer and a shave. 899 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 546-6860

3 Lefty's Barber Shop

When you walk into Lefty's, you think the word legit. This is what the world imagines when they think of a barbershop, and Lefty's has it down. With an emphasis on tradition and the skills that have gone into men's grooming for centuries, these gentlemen, and we do mean gentlemen, take their job and your hair needs very seriously. With two locations, one downtown and one in PB, Lefty's is a common place for the men that want to be styled and shaved the right way, the first time. Lefty's is a place where time-honored tradition is felt from their checkerboard floors, to the barbers in white coats, to the precise shave you receive upon sitting down. One thing is for certain, whether it's you, your father, or your grandfather, everyone being taken care of at Lefty's is going to leave with the plan to return for their next service. 620 8th Ave  San Diego, CA 92101-6406

4 Crown Barbers

If you're in the military, part of your job is to keep yourself impeccably groomed. If you're a Navy SEAL and you're heading into inspection, you had better be certain your hair and face meet the standards of your elite position, or you will be paying for it later. So where do these guys, who are crawling all over Coronado, trust to keep them looking precise? Crown Barbers is the place, and one of the top barbershops in all of San Diego. Taking great pride in their servicemen following, they have special pricing for enlisted men and flags in every corner of the shop. Not only are they patriotic, though, they also do a great job with their customers. The proof is in the following they have, with regulars keeping this as the only place they will trust with their hair and shaves. Not a place widely advertised for one reason: they don't need it.
947 Orange Ave Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 435-8637

5 Vince's Barber Shop

Little Italy in San Diego is one of the city's best features. The restaurants are delicious, the culture is a nice change, and the local shops and shop owners are amazing to get to know. Vince Bruno is the man behind Vince's Barber Shop, and it's been there since 1952. Born and raised in Sicily, he came to the US and opened his barber shop in San Diego over fifty years ago, and it's still going strong today. Event though the shop no longer has the beloved Vince Bruno with them today, his memory is strong and his shop is still the fun hangout and piece of Italian culture it's always been. It's a perfect stop on a day in Little Italy where you can talk with neighbors, eat some amazing food, and hangout with the men. Strong in tradition and history, this shop is the real deal. 2030 India St. San Diego, CA 92101 Little Italy, San Diego
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