Nice Chops: The Top 5 Steakhouses in San Diego

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A steak is a piece of cuisine decadence, and a truly great steak is rare (no pun intended). Here is the list of the Top 5 steakhouses in San Diego!

1 Gaslamp Strip Club

The name of this place might make you think you're headed in to see some lovely ladies twirling on poles, but when you get over that disappointment, you will be happy to know that you're about to eat some serious steak. Here's the thing: it's not what you're expecting in a steakhouse either. Located in the middle of Gaslamp, this isn't a restaurant where a waiter in going to present your table with a perfectly cooked steak and bow with a napkin over his arm. You're actually going to grill your own here. With the direction of staff, you can take your choice of meat cut and season and grill it to your style over an open flame while partying with all your friends. While this isn't your traditional steakhouse, it's completely a Gaslamp staple and a deserved member on this list. The pinup girls everywhere really don't hurt, either. 340 Fifth Ave. San Diego, CA p: 619.231.3140

2 Max New York

A lot of people are partial to an east coast steakhouse, particularly a New York steakhouse, and this is the place for those seasoned and particular eaters. Max's is a great representation of the steaks you get on the colder coast, along with the ambience and style of those fabulous locations, but all located in the gorgeous, sunny Gaslamp. The fliet mignon in peppercorn seasoning is tender and perfect, and the osso buco  is quite possibly the best thing you can eat in San Diego. With an elegant display and focus on the meat, this is a fantastic venue for all things steak and chops! Max New York Steakhouse, 827 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 Phone 619.235.8500

3 Donovan's Steak and Chop House

If you go looking for award-winning steaks in San Diego, you will definitely end up at Donovan's and be very happy that you did. Priding themself on using only prime meats and being the most picture-perfect version of a steakhouse one can imagine, Donovan's is the top place for steak. Being regarded as one of the best in the city for many years, it would obviously be a staple on our Top 5 list. All you have to do is order the prime rib here to see why they are bombarded with accolades and praises, it's some of the best you will ever get to eat. Located both downtown and in La Jolla, Donovan's is a rare and special treat, and professionals in the realm of all things choice meat. 570 K Street  San Diego, California 92101  (619) 237.9700

4 George's on Fifth

You know that song blaring in every club right now that let's you know the singer is, "Feelin' like a G6"? Well, welcome to the place in San Diego commonly referred to as G5. George's on Fifth is like the steakhouse for the hipster trendy crowd, and the food is amazing. Voted "Best of the Best Steakhouse" in San Diego, this place isn't just a way to be cool, it legitimately serves up amazing steak. As they say often, they only serve hand-picked choice cut Angus beef, and it makes a difference to your tastebuds! They also happen to have one of the coolest buildings in town, the 835 building on Fifth Ave, where history tells us Wyatt Earp used to run a saloon in the 1880's, and upstairs was a brothel! So, this place has been cool for over two hundred years, and frankly, it shows. 835 Fifth Ave  San Diego, CA 92101  (P)619.702.0444

5 Rei Do Gado

You can't talk about steak without naming at least one Brazilian steakhouse, and Rei Do Gado is the best in San Diego. Serving up their amazingly delicious cuts in the traditional Charrasco fashion on large skewers and sliding them directly onto your plate, this is a place to save up your appetite for! The parade of meat is unlimited, so you want to be virtually starving before you enter, or you'll miss out on so much fantastic food. The meat selection is all Brazilian and nothing you will most likely find in any other steakhouses, all roasted and seasoned to perfection before being chopped onto your plate. Every patron receives a chip, green side up will keep the beef coming, red side up will signal the staff to leave your poor stomach alone. For a minute. 939 4th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: (619) 702-8464
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