Neat or on the Rocks: The Top 5 Scotch Bars in San Diego

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When you order a Scotch, you’re ordering a persona in a glass. No lightweight steps up to a tumbler of Scotch, so let’s take a look at the top 5 Scotch bars in SD!

1 Shakespeare Pub and Grille

Known as San Diego's premier British pub, you would hope this place would have some great Scotch, and they do! Calling it by it's proper British name, whisky, they pick out the finest blends and non-blends from Scotland to bring to San Diego in an authentic manner, serving only the best. Try their Lagavulin, a whisky known as the "aristocrat" of the Isaly whiskys, or order up a London fog and taste some Scottish spirit with some coffee and cream. All in all, if you're looking for the real deal with Scotch, this is where you need to head.

3701 India St.

San Diego, CA 92103


2 Small Bar

With fourteen Scotch choices, this is a place to find a great glass. Small Bar is a place that hosts great drinking events and tons of fun in their venue, which is still smelling of new paint as it only opened last fall. Already becoming a favorite hangout of many people that value a great Scotch, this is a definite stop on your quest for a great glass. This weekend their hosting festivities for Oktoberfest and it should be amazing!

4628 Park Blvd

San Diego, CA 92116


3 The Field

We all know Scotch is made in Scotland, so why would an Irish bar make the top Scotch list?  Well, it appears this group of Irish are friendly to their neighbors! Along with their vast list of Irish whiskeys and specialties, they are carrying a comprehensive menu of Scotch-pretty nice combo to the UK drinker! The Field is located in the Gaslamp and is one of the few truly authentic Irish pubs, but that isn't stopping them from making a nod to the spirits of Scotland with their twelve Scotch choices posted prominently on their menu, and a reputation for having a drink anyone wants, from any part of Great Britain!

544 Fifth Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101


4 Aero Club Bar

Behind this bar you will find many things, and over 200 of them are whiskeys.  You are not going to find many bars with this awesome of a sight behind the wood. You could stand for an hour and still be reading the labels of Scotch after Scotch, whiskey after whiskey, and still not take it all in. Located downtown near the airport, Aero Club is a place for the serious drinker, the knowledgeable and the in-the-know drinker, not the college kid looking for a Bud Light. If you're looking for a Scotch, this is the place you will be finding it, because chances are, if they don't have it, it doesn't exist! With a great atmosphere and a staff that really knows their stuff, Aero Club is definitely a Top 5 member in San Diego.

3365 India St

San Diego, CA 92103


5 Stout Public House

Sout's is a great bar, and everyone agrees. Located downtown, it's guaranteed to be a good time when you head over to this Irish pub. As for their Scotch, they are great in that area as well. Being an English pub, you would expect great ale, great fun, and really great Scotch, and they deliver on all accounts. Only carrying around eight Scotch's, don't let this fool you into thinking their selection isn't on purpose. Their choices are impeccable and this is a great place to grab a glass at the end of the day. With a great food menu and a fun atmosphere in the middle of all the city's action, Stout's is the place you should take all your friends to grab a whiskey. Chances are, you'll make some new friends over your glasses, and you'll all head back next weekend.

1125 6th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101


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